Resources for pre-law students

The following are links that break down information on a school by school basis, giving you information on specific schools. The  University of Hawaii has compiled information and policies of over 200 law schools, and made it easily accessible to prospective law students.

  1. This document provides information on how to have your application fee waived- Application Fee Waiver Information
  2. Different law schools will have different application deadlines, and this document provides the dates of those deadlines for each school. Deadlines and Deans Letter Requirements.
  3. Once you have sent your application to a law school, the date by which you will be informed of that schools decision may differ. This document provides information concerning the time and manner in which you may accepted- Decision Notifications
  4. Public law schools will charge a much lower price for tuition to students who are residents of that state. The standards required to establish residency can differ school to school. This is a document that provides the standard that each school requires to establish residency- Establishing Residency
  5. Many law schools provide summer pre-law programs meant to assist students in preparing for the law school admissions process, as well as the challenges law school will provide. This document provides a list of summer pre-law program opportunities across the country- Summer Pre-Law Program
  6. Many schools provide students with opportunities to graduate from law school early or accelerate their path towards a degree. This is a specific list of options available at different law schools- Accelerated Admissions and Accelerated Program

Michigan State University provides a series of information summer webinars that can provide you with valuable information concerning law school admissions, the LSAT, and much more. The entire MSU website is useful, but for LSAT info, check on “View Recorded Webinars”. Register here .


Nearly all aspects of law school applications are done through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), as well as a a large amount of information about law schools, and law school applications. To find out more visit .


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