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Degree Partnership Program and Direct Connect

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What does it look like?

Degree Partnership Program (DPP)

DPP allows students to take advantage of what both schools have to offer.

Combine your enrollment at both Western Oregon and Chemeketa to achieve full time enrollment for financial aid purposes. Take courses at both institutions and be enrolled at both schools simultaneously. 

Get admitted to WOU, take WOU classes, meet your instructors and advisors while still taking courses at Chemeketa. Transfer to WOU or complete your associate’s degree.

Direct Connect

Beginning fall 2023, all students in this program who complete an associate degree at Chemeketa with a maintained GPA of 2.0 will be guaranteed admission to WOU.

  • Complete your associate degree at Chemeketa
  • Guaranteed admission to WOU with a GPA of 2.0
  • Access the WOU academic advising
  • Enter WOU as a Junior
  • Possibly 2 years away from a WOU degree

While entry to WOU is guaranteed, time to completion of requirements is dependent on prior coursework taken.

Get Started

1Apply for admission to WOU: Complete our regular admissions process. Be sure to start this process as early as possible so you can start the term of your choice! Already a WOU student? Go straight to Step 2!!

2Signup for DPP: You’re now a WOU student! Become a DPP participant, and get the benefits associated with the program, by submitting the Degree Partnership Program – Declaration form that is in your WOU student portal.

3Receive additional financial aid support, if needed: Reach out to financial aid for any questions about federal, state, and institutional funds you might be eligible for. We’re here to help you navigate the process! WOU’s Financial Aid Navigator can be found here as well to guide you every step of the way.

4Learn more about our academic programs: Need help? Connect with an advisor in Student Success & Advising who can help you understand your options.

Types of Degrees Applicable for Direct Connect

Chemeketa Associate Degrees

WOU General Education Alignment

Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer

General Education Complete with Junior standing at the university

Associate of Science Oregon Transfer Degree

General Education Complete with Junior standing at the university

Associate of Applied Science

Not applicable, students with an AAS will enter the BAS at WOU and complete the modified BAS Core

Associate of Science

General Education Complete with Junior standing at the university
(WOU) pending approval by the General Education Committe

Associate of General Studies

General Education Complete with Junior standing at the university

What are some examples of program pathways I could pursue?

(It is also important to note that while generalized pathway plans exist, each student has a different story and situation. For the most individualized support, we recommend you reach out to an academic advisor at WOU or Chemeketa for guidance)

Who can I contact for more information/support?


Office of Admissions | 503-838-8211

Student Success and Advising | 503-838-8428

How can I see how my credits will transfer?

While we suggest scheduling an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss the exact ways in which your credits will transfer, there is also a tool you can use yourself to look into the ways that transfer credits should be applied from CCC towards your WOU degree. That tool can be accessed here: – if you do not see a class you have taken listed or you have questions about equivalency, we encourage you to reach out to an academic advisor for help!

WOU Services

Western Oregon University is committed to creating lasting opportunities for student success through transformative education and personalized support. That’s why we provide comprehensive student services, including:

  • Personalized Advising: An assigned academic advisor in your field of study can help you chart your path. Not sure what you want to study yet? We’ve got advisors for that too!

  • Career Services to connect you to career coaching, events and resources that will advance your career development and help you achieve your professional goals. Service Learning and Career Development is here to build your skills and prepare you for any job search, interview, or career opportunity.

  • Writing Assistance: Our Writing Center provides resources that will assist you in all your writing-related endeavors and enhance any assignment

  • Tutoring and Peer Mentors: In the pursuit of academic success, sometimes we all need a little help to reach our full potential! Western Oregon University offers a variety of free tutoring and peer mentoring resources to get you there.
  • And so much more!
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