Who we are:

WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE WESTERN OREGON UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS, determined to stimulate a deeper knowledge of the United Nations Organization, and to develop and establish a working understanding of the humanitarian, social, economic, cultural, legal, and political problems of the world, and to provide a free and open forum for the study and discussion of these problems, have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.


Who we are looking for:

Do you…

  1. Want to travel to new and exciting destinations such as Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and France?
  2. Want to meet a diverse group of students and make new friends?
  3. Want to debate world issues?
  4. Want to improve your public speaking, research, and writing skills?
  5. Want to change the world today?
  6. Want to challenge yourself?
  7. Want to have fun and make memories?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, come and join us!




Model United Nations

e-mail: woumun@wou.edu