About Us

The Incidental Fee Committee is comprised of students, faculty, and administrators. However, student members are the only members who vote. The Committee Chair is a non-voting member (except in the case of a tie).

Three of the student members are elected via ASWOU Elections, three students are appointed by the Student Body President, and three students are appointed by the WOU President to serve on the IFC Committee.

2021-2022 Incidental Fee Committee Members

Elected Members

Caitlin Wheeler

Yasmin Schulberg

Institutional President Appointments 

Dennis Long, Chair

Rae Rae Morton

Raul Sagrero Gaona

ASWOU President Appointments 

Moana Gianotti

Emily Nielson


Malissa Larson, Interim Associate Vice President Student Affairs & Director Disabillity Services

Camarie Moreno, Director of Budget & Planning

Amber Deets, Director of Graduate Student Success and Recruitment


IFC Secretary – 503-838-8303