IFC Process

Once the Committee is established they meet to schedule regular meeting dates and times, as well as a tentative process timeline.

Budget submission – All the funded areas are asked to submit budget requests by the beginning of January. Budget requests should include base budget numbers as well as any enhancement requests.

Budget Presentation – All of the funded areas are asked to give a budget presentation. They are allotted a certain amount of time based on their dollar allocation and number of indices. Budget presentations are a great time for Committee members and other attendees to ask questions about any base budgets or enhancement requests.

Preliminary Decisions – Following budget presentations the Committee makes a preliminary decision. This involves assigning a dollar allocation to each base budget and enhancement request presented; therefore setting (preliminary) the fee.

Open Hearings – At least two meetings, on two different weekdays, are held with an open microphone to facilitate student feedback on preliminary decision. The meetings should be held when students are available and should take into account the variety of schedules students have. In addition to the open microphone there should be a breakout session for further student input.

Final Decisions – Following Open Hearings the Committee will meet to make the final decision. While the Committee will take into account all feedback received their preliminary decision may or may not change. Once the Committee has finalized its decision it is forwarded to the ASWOU Senate – they are tasked with ensuring that the final decision reflects the student voice.

Below is a flow chart that shows the final decision approval process.


Flowchart of IFC recommendation process



NOTE: “Yes” denotes that agreement of concurrence is reached with the recommended IFC fee levels and allocation. “No” denotes disagreement requiring some resolution. No demarcation denotes that decisions are made by this individual/body and forwarded to the next stage of the process.

NOTE II: Everything in this flowchart is specified in calendar days when school is in session unless otherwise stated in hours.



IFC Secretary – 503-838-8303