CH104: Chemistry and the Environment

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The focus of this textbook is to introduce students to the foundations of General Chemistry and prepare students to be successful in the CH221-222-223 majors level chemistry series. The first part of the textbook focuses on the basic fundamentals of measurements in chemistry, the scientific method, an introduction into atoms, elements and trends of the periodic table.  The second part of the textbook focuses on ionic and covalent compounds and their nomenclature, an introduction to chemistry reactions, stoichiometry, and solutions chemistry. Within each chapter, there is also a section entitled ‘Focus on the Environment’ that provides students an opportunity to learn and engage with environmental issues and concerns in the context of scientific studies and chemistry concepts.  Within these sections are suggested written and discussion assignments that are appropriate for use in an introductory college-level course in chemistry.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Measurements in Chemistry

Chapter 2: Atoms and The Periodic Table

Chapter 3: Ions and Ionic Compounds

Chapter 4: Covalent Bonds and Molecular Compounds

Chapter 5: Chemical Reactions

Chapter 6: Quantities in Chemical Reactions

Chapter 7: Solutions


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