March 2022

Hello, readers. I hope this month has started off well for you and you had a great February. March is a great month. There’s college basketball playoffs, the start of baseball season, the end of winter term, the beginning of spring and much more. It’s a month of new beginnings and celebrations, what’s not to like? 

Campus is starting to show signs of new life with buds on trees, daffodils blooming, the scent of springtime and people making their way to and from classes and meetings. It’s a wonderful time of year indeed. Winter term officially ends on March 18 and spring break is the week following. If you have travel and vacation plans for Spring Break, I wish you happy and safe travels and look forward to hearing about your adventures upon your return. 

February was a busy month full of planning, meetings, and prepping for Giving Day and spring happenings. Giving Day has been the main priority of the Foundation for the last few months as we gear up for tomorrow’s big day. Other planning happening includes making plans for regional events, planning the Wolves Athletic Auction, Commencement and other spring and summer happenings. There weren’t any alumni events in February, but we have some coming up in March and May. Be sure to check out the alumni home page for events and opportunities and for a full list of events and university happenings.