February 2022

Hello, readers. Happy winter! How is everyone doing out there? We have been through pretty much all the winter weather possible here in the valley – ice, snow, rain, sun, so who knows what the rest of the season has in store. What’s your  favorite part of winter? Have you been sporting your WOU gear on the mountains while skiing, snowboarding or snow shoeing? If so, send us some pics! We’d love to see our Wolves in the Wild.

Campus has been busy with classes, athletics events, extracurriculars and community events. It has been wonderful seeing people and students on campus and feeling the robustness that all of that brings to the environment. Winter will end in the next month or so and spring will arise, bringing new life once again in the form of flowers, leaves, students and more. 

January was a month of planning, reflection and goal setting. The WOU Alumni Board of Directors met on January 8 for their winter meeting. At that meeting, three new board members were voted in: Bobby O’Donnell ’88, Corey Meisch ’99 and Shelia Lorance are the newest Alumni Board Members. There are still seats available, if you are interested in learning more, contact Emily at 503-838-8710 or lafone@wou.edu. 

The Foundation is busy gearing up for Giving Day, which is Tuesday, March 1. The new Annual Fund Officer, Morgan Harris, has been working hard to make the day successful and raise awareness. Giving Day is the 24 fundraiser for WOU. You can give to anything you want, or to the Fund for WOU, which covers multiple areas. To make your gift visit wou.edu/give. 

Watch the calendar for updates on events and campus happenings. Things change quickly and often so be sue to check the calendar and wou.edu before coming to campus or attending an event. We hope to see you soon and wish you well.