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Pre-Law: 4 Year Preparation


The minimum requirement for admission to a recognized law school is a bachelor’s degree. Most law schools value intellectual maturity and a broad educational background, such as is provided by majors in the social sciences, natural sciences or humanities, rather than narrow specialization. Well developed research, analysis, oral and written communication skills are considered desirable.

It is suggested that students take the Legal Studies minor and take additional coursework in the following areas: Accounting, Economics, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Speech and Writing. For more specific information on an appropriate course of study, see the Pre-Law advisor, who is assigned by the Social Science Division.

Admission to law schools is highly competitive. Applicants are usually expected to achieve an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00 and perform well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), although strength in one of these areas may compensate for weakness in the other. The LSAT should be taken early in the senior year. For more information about preparatory materials, contact the Pre-Law advisor,  Dr. Mark Henkels, 838-8554, BELL 207,

Legal Studies Minor

For more information, please contact  Dr. Mark Henkels, 838-8544, BELL 207,


Legal Studies Minor (27-29 credits)

PS 201   American Government (4)
BA 230  Business Law (3)
PS 479   Constitutional Law (4)
PS 484   American Jurisprudence (4)
PS 485   Legal Research and Writing (4)

Choose two: (4-8)

  • BA 211   Fundamentals of Accounting I (4)
  • CJ 452    Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement (4)
  • COM 321 Influence Through Argument (3)
  • COM 326 Communication and Controversy: Freedom of speech in US (3)
  • COM 327 Communication in the legal field (3)
  • HST 414  British History to 1300 (4)
  • HST 415  British History ti the 18th Century (4)
  • PHL 103 Introduction to Logic (3)
  • PHL 350 Social and Political Philosophy (3)
  • PHL 380 Philosophy of Law (3)
  • PS 202   State and Local Government (4)
  • PS 480   Administrative Law (4)
  • PS 409   Administrative Internship (4 or 8)
  • PS 410   Legislative/Political Internship (4 or 8)
  • PS 481   International Law (4)
  • PS 494   Human Rights (4)

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