Major Program (B.A.)

The International Studies major introduces students to important concepts and issues in world affairs. Students will acquire advanced language skills and knowledge of geopolitics, history, and culture. Participation in study abroad, a global internship, or field study in a variety of field research prepares the student for an international career. This major is also excellent preparation for graduate study in a variety of fields that emphasize language, geopolitics, history and culture.

Students in the major will complete all classes in the International Studies Core, at least 4 courses from a specific International Studies Region, and additional credits as needed from a series of International Studies Topical Courses. Students will also be required to study a second language through the third year of college and gain at least 8 weeks of experience abroad through internship, research or study.


Minor Program

The International Studies minor allows students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in international studies while pursuing a different major. Students participating in the minor choose 12 credits from within the International Studies Core, and choose another 15 upper-division credits from the International Studies Regional and Topical Content areas.


To see a current course listing and description of the program, please consult the WOU Academic Catalog.


Speak to an Advisor!


For more information or advising, please contact the International Studies advisors:


Dr. Mary Pettenger

BELL 205



Dr. David Doellinger

BELL 212



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