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The Environmental Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary approach for understanding the relationship between humans and the natural environment. It provides academic breadth, specific areas of expertise, and technical skills. The program supports an extensive internship program and is committed to the professional development of its students who seek employment in environmentally related fields such as resource management, environmental assessment, land-use planning, public administration, and teaching. The program also seeks to serve students interested in pursuing advanced training in environmental studies.


For more information, contact Dr. Mark Van Steeter, 503-838-8855, vanstem@wou.edu OR Dr. Steve Taylor, 503-838-8398, taylors@wou.edu.


Following is a list of the professors/advisors involved with the Environmental Studies Program:

Bryan Dutton, Professor of Biology
Susan Daniel, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Mark Henkels, Professor of Political Science
Stephen Taylor, Professor of Earth/Physical Science
Jeffery Templeton, Associate Professor of Earth/Physical Science
Mark Van Steeter, Associate Professor of Geography
Emily Plec, Professor of Speech Communication
Mary Pettenger, Associate Professor of Political Science


Following is a list of the Department home pages that are involved with the Environmental Studies Program:





Division of Social Sciences 

503-838-8288 | or e-mail: ryalss@wou.edu Location: BELL 231