NRHH Tips and Tricks for OTMs!
  • Collect quotes about the person or program to include in your OTM


  • Write in a narrative style that paints a picture for the reader


  • Type your OTMs on a Word document, then copy and paste onto the OTM website.  Sometimes the website likes to crash and delete your writing


  • Reading one paragraph is BLAH BLAH BLAH!  Break your OTM up into more than one paragraph to ensure your reader doesn’t get bored.  Plus, it makes it easier to read!


  • Use month specific examples and events because it is an Of the Month, not an Of the Person/Program


  • Write about something/someone you are passionate about! An OTM without heart is trash!


  • Remember that these OTMs are public and can be ready by ANYONE, including the individuals you write about! So make them amazing!


  • Proofread your OTM before submitting it to ensure that spelling and grammar are correct!


  • Start your OTM at least two weeks in advance to the due date to ensure your stress level stays low and the quality of the OTM stays high!


Never be afraid to stop by the NRHH office in SOSA and ask for help! We’re here for you!


Questions? Or if you have any suggestions as to how to make this page more useful for you, please don't hesitate to email NRHH at!