Financial Director




Hello! My name is Ainsley Samuelsson and I am a second year early education major. My ESA Salem and I are living on campus in fourth Taylor in Ackerman this year. I love reading, hiking, and thrifting and am a big dinosaur enthusiast. I am this school year’s financial director and I am thrilled to be on the RHA Executive Board! if you have any questions, concerns, requests, or would just like to talk I have posted office hours on the RHA website. I cant wait to meet everyone and be on the Exec Board!


The Finance Director oversees and tracks spending done through both the RHA internal operating budget and the General Assembly (GA)  Programming budget. It is the Financial Directors duty to provide weekly updates which must be given to RHA and GA respectively about the state of each of the budgets. Funds requests are carried out by the Finance Director in writing the requisition, or “req” forms for requests made and passed by a vote in RHA Exec meetings or GA respective to the account being drawn from. 

Ainsley's Winter Term Office Hours

TBA email her for details