RHA President

Angel Mae



Hello! I’m so excited to be the RHA President this year and can’t wait for you all to experience the potential programs that we will be putting on throughout each term. I joined RHA a year ago as a secretary and really enjoyed having the opportunity to create a chance for the community and subcommunities to connect, and now being in a bigger position there is so much that I want to offer for residents before I graduate. After this year I will have my Bachelor’s Degree and will hopefully be in a classroom where I will continue to create safe spaces for students! 


  • Coordinate and oversee the RHA Executive Board’s Hall Government meeting attendance each term
  • Meet every other week in one-on-ones with the compensated Executive Board positions
  • Meet weekly in one-on-ones with the RHA Advisor
  • Call and conduct RHA Executive Board meetings and RHA General Assembly Meetings
  • Develop meeting agendas
  • Oversee RHA Executive Board and Hall Governments with the help of the RHA Advisor
  • Coordinate Hall Government job descriptions and constitution revisions
  • Interpret and maintain the RHA Constitution and Statutes

Angel Mae's Winter Term Office Hours