Welcome, new international students! Western Oregon University (WOU) is happy to be your continued education. If you become ill or injured while you are a student, call Student Health Counseling Center (SHCC) at 503-838-8313. Usually, office visits are free to students. You might need to pay for some services such as lab tests, immunizations, and prescriptions. All the charge goes in the student account. You don’t pay in person, cash, or any transaction at SHCC. For more information go to http://wou.edu/health/parents/fees-for-service/

Health Insurance:

International students are automatically enrolled in the WOU international student insurance plan. If you have other insurance that meets federal, state, and university requirements, you may submit a waiver to remove the charge. For more information go to https://wou.edu/international/international-students/current-students/insurance/

Did you know? Translation services are available at SHCC for more than 255 languages

SHCC staff members access the translation line by phone-based translation service. It is free and confidential. We also provide a handout to international students with Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic. For digital handout information: SHCC Overview

Immunizations and Health History:

All students coming to WOU must receive a series of required vaccines. If you have already received some or all your required immunizations, you must submit proof to SHCC. If you still need some (or all) of your required immunizations, you can get them at SHCC. You must also submit an international student health history form, which can be found in our forms section

Infectious Diseases:

Preventing the spread of infectious diseases is very important to WOU. To promote the health of the campus community, SHCC offers general information on how to prevent disease and vaccinations for diseases such as influenza. SHCC also offers a Health Fair to show students ways to stay healthy.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs):

STIs are infections that can be passed between people during sexual activities. They affect people of all ages and backgrounds. In the United States, there are about 19,000,000 new cases each year; half of these are among young people ages 15-24 years. SHCC offers a variety of resources to help prevent the spread of these infections, such as testing, counseling, and confidential HIV testing. Health Promotion Department offers a workshop on sexual health topics. They also meet with students to talk about the topics in private!


Resources for Non-Western Remedies:

Examples: Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.


Foreign Food Resource:

While adapting to the American life, you may find yourself craving food from home. The following links can give you an idea of local resources for food from other countries.

Grocery stores:





Transportation Services:

Wolf ride:

For more information go to https://wou.edu/student/wolf-ride/

Cherriots (public transportation):

For more information go to https://www.cherriots.org/route/40X/



Students can use and be a part of the Wellness Center’s programs to keep all of WOU’s students healthy and safe.

  • Peer Mentor Program – Students who need help with health and other college difficulties are helped by students who know what WOU offers. If you need help, ask for a mentor. If you want to help, ask to be a mentor.
  • Bystander Training– Teaches students the tools to help themselves and their peers lower violence at WOU. The goal is to make WOU’s campus a safer place. It offers training, events on campus, and Green Dot Club to help with safety.
  • Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) – Students, faculty, and staff meet to fix health concerns. They look at the rules set by WOU and give knowledge to people at WOU about health and safety.



    The Health Promotion Department helps students do well in their classes at WOU. Their workshops teach students how to deal with some of the worries and fears of school. Here are the titles of some of their classes:

    • Fearful or worried about taking tests
    • Sleep difficulty
    • Exercise/Diet
    • Adjusting/Moving to college
    • Budgeting money
    • Resolving conflicts
    • Stress/Relaxation
    • Eating disorders
    • Sexual Health
    • Alcohol/Drug abuse

    Will also meet with students to talk about these topics in private! For more details go to http://wou.edu/health/departments/wellness-education/

    • Health Fair- The Wellness Center offers a Health Fair to show students ways to stay healthy.
    • Blood Drive– The Wellness Center offers a Blood Drive to help sick people in the hospital by giving them blood from healthy students.


    Rights and Responsibilities:

    We want students to be active in their health care. So, you have the RIGHT to:

    • Privacy
    • Quality care that doesn’t discriminate
    • Be treated with dignity and respect
    • Agree to or refuse treatment
    • Be told about any additional costs
    • Know the outlook for fixing your problem
    • How the problem can be prevented in the future
    • Know the name of the person providing you care
    • Know what tests are being recommended and why
    • Be given accurate and understandable information about your health
    • Understand the beneficial effects, side effects, and problems with treatment
    • Make suggestions, complaints, and give praise to the WOU SHCC

    Students must also have control over their health care. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

    • Be honest about your past medical history
    • Ask about anything you don’t understand
    • Treat the health center staff with courtesy and respect
    • Answer questions truthfully and in full
    • Make sure you understand directions
    • Follow the plan that was given to you
    • Let the person giving you care know about any change in health or bad side effects
    • Know the person giving you care
    • Keep the appointments that you make or cancel as soon as possible

    For more details about WOU student rights & responsibilities go to Student Conduct Resources Page


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