International Health Insurance Information

WOU Insurance Information

International students and scholars at WOU are required to have health and accident insurance coverage for themselves and their dependents living in the United States based on Oregon Administrative Rule #574-035-0005.

International students and scholars are required to have health insurance every term they are at WOU (including summer). The only exceptions to this policy are for students with Government Sponsored Medical Insurance. These are students that receive medical insurance from their home government.

WOU works with Gallagher to provide a health plan that meets the minimum immigration and Oregon State requirements. All international students that do not have government sponsored insurance will automatically be provided and charged for this international insurance plan each term.

The rates for the 2022-23 academic year are:









All Ages $707 $461 $461 $373

* Please note that summer insurance will be added to student’s account along with spring term tuition/fees. Students who graduate or depart at the end of spring term will have their summer term insurance charges refunded to their account once the degree is awarded or departure paperwork is received.

Gallagher offers a detailed website in which you can create an Account so that students are able to track their claims, print an ID card, print the forms to submit a claim for reimbursement, find a doctor, etc. Students that are enrolled in this plan should go to their website and create an account today. Just go to Once there, fill in the information under the “Create Account”, be sure to have your student ID number ready as you will need this to create your account.

Waiver Information

Students who feel that the WOU international insurance plan is too expensive can find a company that offers a cheaper plan and may be eligible for a waiver each term as long as the student provides adequate proof of coverage that is comparable to the WOU plan each term. In order to “apply” for a waiver, a student must submit a Waiver form along with an insurance policy that meets all of the following requirements:

  • Medical Benefits of $100,000 per condition maximum
  • Repatriation of Remains of at least $25,000
  • Medical Evacuation to his or her home country in the amount of $50,000
  • A Deductible to not exceed $500 per condition
  • Pre-Existing Condition waiting period for conditions which are determined by current industry standards
  • Coverage available in the U.S. and have a physical U.S. based office (cannot be a company located outside of the United States)

Students have the three weeks of each term to turn in the waiver documents to Qin Ma in the Office of International Education & Development Office. If the plan is comparable to the WOU insurance plan and meets all of the requirements above, then the petition to waive the WOU policy will be approved and the student will be given a refund for that term. If the policy does not meet any of the above requirements or if the form is submitted after the term deadline, the petition will be denied and the student will be required to purchase the WOU international insurance plan for that term.

Deadlines to submit the waiver request each term are:

Summer: July 8, 2022
Fall: October 6, 2022
Winter: January 12, 2023
Spring: April 6, 2023

You may download the WOU Insurance Waiver Form or pick up a form at the International Office and attach your Insurance Policy prior to turning in. If you have any questions about your WOU international health insurance or the waiver process please feel free to email the office at: 

Students are encouraged to check if the policy would qualify before making the purchase from the outside company. Otherwise, the student may end up paying for two policies since the waiver was not approved or applied.

*Note: Students have to pay tuition/fees during the first week of each term. After that, the student accrues late fees and interest. In order to avoid these additional fees, students should pay for the insurance charges even if the student plans to apply for a waiver. Upon approval of a waiver, the student will be given a refund.

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