Sierra Ackerman

Sierra Ackerman

Class of 2024

Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Forensic Psychology

Sierra Ackerman is in her first year at WOU after transferring in from Chemeketa Community College. At CCC, Sierra received an Associates of Science, an Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree and an Associates of General Studies. Currently, she is pursuing a major in Criminal Justice and minoring in Forensic Psychology.

Sierra is one of five new student assistants at the Foundation. Throughout the year, you may receive a thank you video or letter from Sierra. We are excited to welcome her onto our team!

WOU Graduate

Why did you select WOU?
I decided to attend WOU because I heard many great things about the Criminal Justice program, both from my family and staff from the Community College that I attended. I also wanted to come to WOU because of how close it is to my family and the relatively small campus. I like that Western is still active yet has a smaller, tight-knit community. My mom was also very supportive because of how safe Western is!

What are your favorite hobbies?
I enjoy playing volleyball and video/ board games, anything involving animals (I have 3 Australian Shepherds), and trying new foods!

What is your favorite class so far?
Being my first term at WOU, I haven’t experienced very many classes yet; however, my favorite classes so far have been Social Problems, Justice, and Policy (SOC305 with Dean Braa) and Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ213 with Jennifer Moreno). Both of the professors make the class extremely enjoyable and make the subject fun to learn. The professors are very approachable and incorporate humor into their teaching style but still ensure that the students understand the concepts.

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