All WOU Foundation fund withdrawals must be accompanied by a WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form. A fillable PDF form is available here. You may also pick up forms in person at The Cottage. The form must be signed by the initiator of the request and by the person(s) authorized to sign for withdrawals from the Foundation account (for student clubs this is your advisor). Note: if you are the initiator of the request and the person being reimbursed, your supervisor’s signature is also required.

Send a check to a vendor:

New vendors to the Foundation require a completed W-9 from the vendor before any check can be processed. Bring a WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form to The Cottage with an invoice or bill from the vendor attached, include a W-9 if this is a new vendor. Make the “Check Payable To” the vendor.

Make the purchase yourself then fill out the WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form and bring the form to the Cottage with the invoice/receipt for the purchase. Make the “Check Payable To” the person being reimbursed.

Use a WOU Foundation Credit Card to make your purchase:

Your item may be purchased using a Foundation credit card and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your Foundation account at the end of the credit card billing cycle. Bring a completed WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form (Make the “Check Payable To” the Vendor) to the Cottage along with any information required to contact the vendor (phone number, URL of web page where Shopping Cart may be found, etc.). Tell the person at the front desk that you want to make a credit card purchase and charge your WOU Foundation account. If you choose this option you will need to make sure that you obtain a receipt for the purchase from the vendor.

Reimburse a University Index:

You may make your purchase(s) using state money and then, using the WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form, ask that money be transferred to reimburse the WOU index used to make the purchase. Additionally, you may have the money transferred to the WOU index before making a purchase. Make the “Check Payable To” Western Oregon University. The Invoice# is the Index# that you want to reimburse. All foundation deposit to WOU indexes will be coded to account code 03651.

Cash Advance of Funds:

You may request a cash advance of funds using the WOU Foundation Fund Withdrawal Request Form. You will be required to submit receipts totaling the amount of the withdrawal and/or return all cash not used. Cash advance requests MUST be received one week in advance of date cash is needed in order to allow for processing and getting cash from the bank.

Please contact the foundation accounts payable at 8-9324 for assistance.

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