Tessa Douangaphaivong

Tessa Douangaphaivong

Class of 2025

Major: Theater
Minor: Dance

Tessa is going into their second year at Western majoring in Theater with a minor in Dance. Currently they are the student worker for the Smith Fine Arts Series. Between assisting with SFAS events and their studies, Tessa is preparing for the fall production of She Kills Monsters put on by department of Theatre and Dance on campus.

WOU Graduate

Clubs or programs you are a part of?

I am a part of the diversity scholars program, a staff member at the Smith Fine Arts Series, and I attend WOU Thespian club meetings when I am able to!

Why Western?

I came to Western Oregon University for the BFA theater program. What caught my eye was the small class sizes and the specialized attention each student receives in the classroom here. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of community that Western cultivates, as well as the beautiful campus.

Favorite memory on campus:

My favorite memory on campus was my first week in the dorms I knocked on every door in my hall and asked everyone to go to Koyotes with me at midnight to get churros! That was the night I met some of my best friends in college!

Favorite campus event:

My favorite campus event last year was attending Rainbow Dance concert through the Smith Fine Arts Series! It was so amazing to see the way those artist meld technology and dance so beautifully.

What does SFAS mean to you?

SFAS is a wonderful hidden gem on campus that provides our community with many arts opportunities. We are an organization that caters to all interests as well as all ages with our diverse performances each season.

Has SFAS impacted your life?

SFAS has impacted my life in many ways, while working for this organization I have gained many useful skills that I will utilize as I move on into the work world, but more importantly I am still able to support and kindle my love for the performing arts by providing such wonderful opportunities for our community.


So far, I have adored working with everyone here at SFAS, it has been a lovely experience getting to know the board members, donors, and the patrons that support us. It is wonderful working with people who have the same passion and drive to make art accessible to as many people as we can. I look forward to hopefully gaining more student involvement with our series as the years go on!

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