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Making Deposits to a Foundation Account


The WOU Foundation is located in The Cottage. Deposits must be hand-delivered. Please do not send deposits in campus mail. All money to be deposited into a WOU Foundation account must be submitted with a WOU Foundation Funds Deposit Form on the first business day following receipt of the money.

Hours: Due to COVID-19, our office hours are reduced and vary week to week. To coordinate a deposit drop-off please email foundation@wou.edu or call us at 503-838-8281.

Coinage in excess of $5, even if it is rolled, will not be accepted. Please exchange coin for cash at the bank before bringing it for deposit.

Credit card transactions must include:
1. Cardholder’s name

2. Cardholder’s address

3. Cardholder’s email address

4. Cardholder’s phone number (preferred but not required)

Contact Us

WOU Foundation

Phone: 503-838-8281

Email: foundation@wou.edu

Location: The Cottage