April 2023

Hello readers and happy spring. I know many of us are experiencing less than spring like weather with snow, rain, hail, freezing temperatures, etc. I am hopeful better weather is around the corner and we will start to see and feel the signs of spring. On campus, the daffodils are blooming, the trees are beginning to grow buds and show signs of new life and when the sun shines, it’s a real treat. Our spring athletics are in full swing and both our baseball and softball teams are having great seasons with winning records and at the top of the conference. Our students have returned from spring break and the end of the academic year has begun. There is much to look forward to this season and plenty on the horizon to look forward too.

Last month was full of events, travel, fun and exciting beginnings. Every week was something new and we have lots to recap from our March adventures.

Giving day

March 7 was our annual Giving Day at the university. This 24 hour online giving campaign is run by the Foundation and this year was one to brag about. The day was mega successful, thanks to you and your generous donations and support, we raised more than $250,000! Those dollars benefit our WOU students in various forms. Scholarships, programs, student success, etc. it all goes back to our students. We are thrilled and touched by your support and participation. Thank you for helping us help students and fulfill our mission.

Judy Shepard Lecture

Throughout the month of March, the department of humanities planned and organized three weeks of events to honor the legacy of Matthew Shepard. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Matthew Shepard’s murder. One of these events included Matthew Shepard’s mother, Judy Shepard, coming to campus to speak. We were honored to have her join us at Crush prior to her lecture and meet alumni, faculty and staff members who were gathered there prior to the event. Judy’s lecture was captivating and heartfelt and we were honored to have her on campus.

Board Night Out

The WOU Alumni Board plays a key role in alumni engagement and are pivotal in helping us reach our alumni, friends and community members. They work hard to share the WOU story, champion our goals and mission, and love our university. On Friday, March 10, we gathered as a group to break bread and celebrate the coming year. It was great having us all together and getting to know one another. We look forward to this year and are anxious to see what successes we will have.

After Hours

It was so fun to bring back our monthly After Hours in March! It was the first time in a few months we were able to host an after hours event and we enjoyed our group of alumni and friends who showed up. We met at Sammies in Keizer, enjoyed conversation, drinks, appetizers and built relationships with new and old friends.

Community Meet & Greet w/ Dr. Peters and Katie Wojke

As our alumni and friends community knows by now, we have new leaders on campus and we are thrilled to introduce them to you. On March 16th we started our Community Reception circuit with a meet and greet event at WOU:Salem featuring Dr. Peters and Katie Wojke. We loved seeing and meeting our local alumni, friends and supporters at this event and enjoyed catering from Wild Pear. Dr. Peters and Katie took questions from the audience and addressed the attendees with grace, respect and charm. The next meet and greet event is scheduled for Eugene this Friday night at the Graduate Hotel from 6 – 8 p.m. We plan on traveling to various communities throughout Oregon, Washington, California and beyond and bring Katie and Dr. Peters to your community.

Student, Alumni, and Families Reception

During spring break, we traveled to Oahu to participate in some Admissions events and hosted an alumni, student and family event on April 1. Attendees included prospective and current students and their families, alumni, Dr. Peters and Katie. The alumni in the room shared their stories from WOU and talked with the families to encourage their student to attend WOU. It was a fun, lively event and we loved our time on the island. We look forward to partnering with WOU Admissions for more collaboration events in the near future.