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Deutsche Welle:  Comprehensive information on Germany’s people, constitution, history, political system with special sections on politics, business, science, and culture.  Deutsche Welle is a government-supported media organization brining the news of Germany to the world.
German Tourist Office
German Scene Video – An online 16-minute video of the monthly “German Scene” newsreel.  See what’s happening in Germany these days.  (Requires the latest version of RealPlayer.)  From newly revamped German Information Web site.
German Audio/Radio
Haus der Geschichte der Bunderespublik Deutschland:  The objective of the “Haus der Geschichte” is to present history as an experience, in a way that is appealing and entertaining.  The Haus der Geschichte was conceived as a museum of contemporary history; that is, it traces the progress of history in what is necessarily an “open end” process.
Indeed– Possible jobs available for German positions.
Inter Nationes:  The IN-Press page of Inter Nationes provides information on politics, society, economy, technology, environment, social affairs, law and culture.
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