Study Abroad

Natasha, Univ. of Ludwigsburg

“I am settling in nicely at the PH Ludwigsburg. I have met so many interesting people here, and I am learning so much German everyday from friends and from my classes. A few days ago a group of us international students walked through Favorite Park and went to the Kürbisaustellung at the Residenzschloss. The palace was so beautiful and the festivities were very fun. I know it is a bit delayed but I want to thank all who were responsible for the decision in German club scholarship. This year will be an amazing experience that I will cherish my whole life.”

Dorian, Univ. of Ludwigsburg
Lee, Univ. of Konstanz
Sophie, Art Student at Univ. of Ludwigsburg
Alexandra, Univ. of Tübingen
Jeremiah, Univ. of Tübingen.

Certificates and Awards

Taylor Hughes, 2021 scholarship recipient.
Richard (Drew), 2018 scholarship and B1 Certificate recipient
Amalia, 2017 scholarship recipient and she studied at Freiburg.  

Josseline, 2016 scholarship recipient

Nelly, B1 Certificate recipient


Winter Bargarten
Dorian decorating Valentine cookie hearts
Valentine Hearts Frosting Crew
German Club Triathlon Team

Student Accomplishments

Jodessa is joining a theater group in Israel.
Sierra, Pre-med at OHSU.

Michael is High School German Teacher in Albany, Oregon.

Jessica is teaching at the German-American School in Portland.

David is an attorney.

Kevin joined the Peace Corps.



German Program

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