Intermediate Certificate in German

The Intermediate Certificate in German provides students with professional knowledge of the German language and culture. German is the most widely-spoken mother tongue in the European Union, and 1,200 German-owned companies operate in the United States. 750+ major U.S. businesses have branches in Germany, the highest ranking European country for Oregon exports. The certificate gives a significant added value to candidates looking for jobs in a wide array of careers, as there is high demand for bilingual professionals in education, science, business, law, foreign service, and medical fields.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to engage in real-life interactions with speakers of the target language in the target language.

  2. Students will be able to demonstrate respect and empathy in unfamiliar situations with diverse customs and ways of life.

  3. Students will be able to interact respectfully and appropriately with individuals and companies from different cultural backgrounds.

Michael with a group of students at the Stuttgart Wine Festival

Core Courses

GL 201 Second Year German I, Credits: 4

GL 202 Second Year German II, Credits: 4 

GL 203 Second Year German III, Credits: 4 

Note: If students come into the program with previous language experience they might substitute GL 201 and/or GL 202 for the following classes with instructor approval:

GL 301 Third Year German I, Credits: 4

GL 302 Third Year German II, Credits: 4

Total credits: 12

Note: Minimum Prerequisite: GL 103 or equivalent language skills as determined by the German placement test.



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