Information on Recruitment/Intake and Membership

Winter Term Recruitment is happening now! Each organization has specific events for recruitment. Check out Presence for specific events from each organization!

Recruitment or Intake is the process fraternities and sororities use to select new members. WOU fraternities and sororities can choose to recruit new members during the first two and half weeks of Fall, Winter, and Spring Term. Not every organization recruits during each term. Its important to note that first-term freshman students are not eligible for Fall Term recruitment. Each organization recruits differently so it is important to get information on their recruitment activities directly from the organization you are interested in joining.

Frequently Asked Questions

[section=When does recruitment or intake take place?]

Recruitment or intake takes place within the first two and half weeks of each term. Its important to note that first-term freshman students are not eligible for Fall Term recruitment.


[section=What happens during recruitment or intake events?]

Each organization conducts their recruitment or intake process differently. However, each organization is trying to get to know you and see if you would be a good addition to their chapter. And remember, you are trying to learn more about the organization so you can decide if it is a good fit for you. Make sure to ask questions and speak with different members to get a good feel for the chapter’s values, personality, and community.


[section=What is the GPA requirement to join an organization?]

Each organization has their own GPA requirement, but Western Oregon requires all prospective members to have a minimum 2.25 GPA. All organizations have to inform the university of their prospective members before extending them a bid or invitation of membership so their GPAs can be verified.


[section=What is the time commitment like to be a member an organization?]

The fraternity and sorority experience is what you make it. The more time you invest, the more you will get out of it. However, on average, organizations have weekly chapter meetings and you may be required to attend certain events so about 1-3 hours per week is typical. If you become an officer, you can expect to spend about 3-10 hours on organization business depending on your role.


[section=What is the financial requirement to be a member of an organization?]

Each organization has a different dues amount and payment structure. It is important that you talk to members to learn more about the financial requirement for membership. Dues usually cover the cost of events like socials and formals, national or regional organizational dues, leadership and educational opportunities, and more. Dues can range from approximately $90 to $400 per term.


[section=How do I know if I’m invited to join an organization?]

On the Wednesday of Week 2 of each term, organizations may begin distributing bids or invitations of membership. The organizations should inform you of this date when you start the recruitment or intake process.

If you participated in multiple organizations’ recruitment or intake activities, you may receive multiple bids or invitations of membership. You now have a choice between the organizations and must inform them of your decision no earlier than the Friday of Week 2 and the deadline to inform them of your decision by the Wednesday of Week 3.

Participation in an organization’s recruitment or intake activities is not a guarantee of membership. Fraternities and sororities are allowed to offer membership on a selective basis.


[section=What is the new member process like and how long does it take?]

Each organization conducts a different new member process and they each take different amounts of time. However, no new member process should extend past the term in which you received your bid or invitation of membership. Your initiation should take place before the end of that term.

During your new member process you will learn more about your organization’s values, history, and member expectations. You will also get to know the chapter more and might be assigned an older member to mentor you through the “Big and Little Brother/Sister/Sibling” tradition.

Additionally, you will be required to attend a New Member Summit hosted by the Fraternity and Sorority Council and the Student Engagement office. This workshop is a time to get to know other new members, learn more about fraternity and sorority life, and cover important issues like hazing prevention and alcohol education. You will be informed of the date of this workshop when during the recruitment or intake process.


[section=Do the organizations haze?]

No, hazing is a violation of the WOU Code of Student Responsibility and Oregon state law. Each community member signs an agreement to uphold this policies and receives training on hazing prevention. Additionally, all the organizations at WOU have national anti-hazing policies that are strictly enforced.


If you or someone you know has experienced a hazing situation, please contact one of the resources below to report it.

  • Patrick Moser-Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs
    WUC 210C     503-838-8063
  • WOU Student Conduct
  • National Hazing Hotline


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