The Work Request Form Demystified

In order to track and organize the work we do in MarCom, we ask that employees who want our help contact us through our work request form. Select the type of work you need from the drop-down menu, then submit all the other relevant info to that type of request and send it off to us (a copy even comes to you for your records).

Check out this closer look at the different services we offer from the work request form:

  • Business cards – when cards are needed due to running out or a change of information
  • Department-specific stationery and logos – customized versions specific to your area
  • Digital marketing – propose artwork/info to be included on digital signage, portal ads or other online-only messaging
  • Editing – submit completed text. We’ll edit for grammar/punctuation/university style. Especially helpful for work to large and/or external audiences.
  • General marketing consultation – don’t know where to start or how to spread the word? We can help!
  • Graphic design – posters, pamphlets, fliers, oh my. New projects or updates to a previous project, such as new dates and times. Need to take information, make it pretty and share it with the world? Select this category.
  • Logos and branding – club-related branding or logos for independent university programs. To find out which you are, use the Visual Identity System.
  • Photography – need a photo for a publication or your webpage, request one from our photo database or for us to take a new photo.
  • Story idea – let us know about people, events or programs who deserve recognition and attention. We use story ideas on the website, in social media and to create press releases.
  • Web design – change or update the content of a WOU webpage
  • Other – only for projects that don’t fit any above category

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