Getting to Know wouTV

Tucked away in University Computing Services are Deborah Rezell and wouTV, formerly known as Digital Production Services. Although not directly a part of MarCom, video is a critical part of our overall communication with the world. Many people on campus have worked with Deborah in the past, but for those of you who are unfamiliar with wouTV, here’s a quick introduction!

wouTV creates just about every video that is filmed on campus. From addresses by the president and Athletics events to guest lectures and on-campus community events, Deborah and her student workers are the team that films it all. There is an amazing studio with digital backdrops in ITC, but wouTV shoots on-location on campus most of the time.

Did you know you could hire wouTV to film your lecture, event, student organization or other university-related happening? Here’s the fee breakdown:

  • On-campus production: $100
  • Studio production: $50
  • Live stream/multi-camera event with student crew: Fee above plus student worker hours.
  • Studio/classroom lecture needed for a course: FREE

Learn more about Deborah and wouTV on WOUStories. Need the services of wouTV? Email Deborah at

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