Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) BS in Nursing Program at WOU

Pre-Nursing Program


The Pre-nursing program at Western Oregon University (WOU) provides students with the opportunity to complete prerequisite coursework necessary for entrance into a Bachelor of Science degree program in nursing. The WOU pre-nursing program is a two-year program (90 credit hours) with students applying to nursing schools during their second year. Once accepted into a nursing school, students typically spend two or three additional years completing the requirements necessary for a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of nursing. The pre-nursing program at WOU is primarily designed for entrance into the major nursing programs in the state of Oregon. Although a majority of WOU pre-nursing students do transfer to Oregon-based nursing programs, our program is not limited to preparing students only for Oregon nursing schools. Graduates from our program have successfully gained admittance to nursing schools as far away as North Carolina and Hawaii.


nursing_headerbanner_02 (1)Oregon Health & Science University’s School of Nursing and Western Oregon University have partnered on a

BS degree with a major in nursing from OHSU, housed on Western Oregon University campus.  The BS degree is awarded by OHSU.

OHSU faculty teach the clinical coursework and WOU faculty teach the pre-nursing coursework, general education courses, and Junior/Senior-level elective coursework. Visit the WOU pre-nursing advising webpage, or visit OHSU’s WOU campus webpage for more information.


Admission to baccalaureate nursing programs is very competitive; students work with WOU pre-nursing advisors to personalize their pre-nursing curriculum to best prepare for admission to OHSU or other baccalaureate nursing programs across the nation.