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The Division of Natural Science and Mathematics is composed of four departments — biology, chemistry, earth & physical sciences and mathematics — which prepare students for a variety of careers in biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physical science. We have a variety of pre-professional health science and pre-engineeering programs and maintain a strong commitment to majors who want to teach in Oregon’s elementary and secondary schools. The Division also offers minors in the four departments plus Physics.



Degrees offered


  • BS in Biology
    • Botany emphasis
    • Ecology emphasis
    • Molecular/Cell Biology emphasis
    • Natural History/Field Biology
    • Preprofessional emphasis
    • Zoology emphasis
    • Teacher Education Mid/High & HS Only
  • BS in Chemistry
    • Environmental Chemistry
    • Forensic Chemistry
    • Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology
    • Traditional Chemistry
  • BA/BS in Earth Science
  • BA/BS in Integration Science Teacher Education Mid/High & HS Only
  • BS in Mathematics
  • BS in Computer Science / Mathematics (double major)
  • Applied Mathematics
  • BS Mathematics Teacher Education MS/HS and HS Only


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Office Location:

Natural Science Building, NS 104

Division Chair:

Dr. Hamid Behmard