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SSA Peer-Tutoring Program

SSA Peer Tutoring offers support for over 24 subjects at WOU! Don’t see what you are looking for? Email us at tutoring@wou.edu.

1:1 Tutoring Appointments:

Using the links below, schedule a 45 minute appointment with a peer tutor. You can meet in-person in Hamersly Library, Room 124 or via Zoom.

Drop-In Tutoring:

No appointment required. You can drop-in anytime during the session. You can find us in Hamersly Library, Room 124.

Spring 2024 Drop-In Tutoring Hours:

BI 102, 134, 234-236

& CH 221-223

CH 221-223

& CH 334-336

BI 211-213, 234,

237, 321 & 343


MUS 211, 212, & 213

Mondays, 12:00-1:30 PM Mondays, 1:00-2:30 PM Tuesdays, 1:00-2:30 PM

Mondays/Wednesdays, 11:00-11:50 AM


Peer tutors are fellow WOU students who are knowledgeable in course content, academic skills, professor expectations for coursework, and campus resources. Students who get tutoring early in the term are more likely to persist, succeed, and enjoy their academic experience here at WOU!

SSA Tutoring  is open during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms, Weeks 2-10, and covers all course subjects aside from Math, Computer Science, and Writing. Tutoring dedicated to those subjects at WOU can be found here: wou.edu/freetutoring/

Our services are available to all WOU students, however, we want you to have a successful experience with your tutor. That usually requires some preparation on your part:

  • Attend class regularly
  • Bring relevant course materials to your appointment
  • Work on the assignment, reading, etc. prior to the appointment, then identify where you would like further support
  • Take charge by telling the tutor what you need
  • Tutors will NOT do the work for you, but are trained to listen and respond to your individual needs
  • Use your professor as your primary source of class information

If you would like to request disability related accommodation(s) to participate in a WOU activity or event, please notify Disability Services (ODS) at 503-838-8250 or ods@wou.edu at least three (3) business days in advance.


  • Once you schedule an appointment, please prepare some questions, topics, and/or concepts in advance, so the tutor has an idea of what you would like to discuss. You should leave a comment of what you would like to work on when making the appointment.
  • If you need to cancel an appointment, please let the tutor know as soon as possible. You must cancel an appointment two hours in advance, if possible, or it will be marked as a no-show. After three no-shows, you will need to contact the Tutoring Coordinator at tutoring@wou.edu in order to schedule appointments again. You may cancel appointments through WCS, by clicking on the appointment and selecting “Cancel this Appointment.”
  • If no tutors are available for a class, you can request a tutor through the WCS system. You can also contact tutoring@wou.edu, along with any other questions you have about tutoring.
  • To apply for a Peer-Tutoring position with us, please complete our online application through WolfLink: HERE
  • If you wish to tutor Mathematics (with the Math Tutoring Center), please visit: HERE
  • If you are interested in applying to be a peer-tutor with SSA but the above link is no longer active, please direct your inquiries to tutoring@wou.edu for more information about upcoming job opportunities

Meet your Fall 2024 Tutors!

Andrew B.

Biology Tutor

Andrew currently tutors:

BI-134, BI-211, BI-212, BI-213, BI-234, BI-235, BI-237, BI-321, BI-343

Emma C.

Business / Economics Tutor

Emma currently tutors:

BA-101, BA-211, BA-213, BA-230, BA-310, BA-345, BA-361, BA-410, BA-411, EC-201, EC202

Angie C.

Music Tutor

Angie currently tutors:

MUS-211, MUS-212, MUS-213

Gabriel C.

Exercise Science / Biology Tutor

Gabriel currently tutors:


Ella M.

Spanish / Psychology Tutor

Ella currently tutors:


Nate O.

Chemistry / Psychology Tutor

Nate currently tutors:

CH-221, CH-222, PSY-201, PSY-202, PSY-360, PSY-450

Molly P.

Education / Spanish Tutor

Molly currently tutors:


Shelbie R.

Criminal Justice / Psychology Tutor

Shelbie currently tutors:

ANTH-322, CH-103, CH-161, CH-345, CH-420, CH-430, CJ-213, CJ-214, CJ-219, CJ-252, CJ-267, CJ-321, CJ-331, CJ-407, CJ-415,  CJ-445, CJ-450, CJ-453, HE-257, HST-427, PSY-201, PSY-202, PSY-301, PSY-311, PSY-334, PSY-336, PSY-398, PSY-438, PSY-460, PSY-467, PSY-468, PSY-484

Aubree R.

Interpreting Studies / ASL Tutor

Aubree currently tutors:

ASL-101, ASL-102, ASL-103, ASL-201, ASL-202, ASL-203, ASL-301, ASL-302, ASL-303, ASL-315, ASL-353, ASL-429, ASL-475

Olena R.

Exercise Science / Biology Tutor

Olena currently tutors:


Wyatt S.

History / Political Science Tutor

Wyatt currently tutors:

HST-104, HST-105, HST-106, HST-201, HST-202, PS-193, PS-201, PS-202, PS-203, PS-204, PS-350, PS-351, PS-393

Seth W.

Education Tutor

Seth currently tutors:

ARE-433, ASL- 101, ASL-205, ED-200, ED-220, ED-230, ED-233, ED-240, ED-250, ED-259, ED-260, ED-280, ED-343, ED-352, ED-373, ED-464, ED-466, ED-472, ED-481, ED-483, ED-484, ED-485, ED-492, HE-257, HST-202, PSY-201, PSY-360, SPED-424, SPED-430, SUST-201


Student Success and Advising

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