Western Oregon University Student Health Services is required by law to assure all students have completed the Health History and Immunization Form (PDF),Therefore, you must fill out the entire Health History form , which includes information about immunizations.

This form is also available in your student portal (WOU Portal > Medicat Patient Portal > Forms) in a fillable and non-fillable format. When completed through the portal, the form automatically uploads into SHCC’s EHR (electronic health records) system. Other options include:

  • Emailing for to health@wou.edu (NOTE: email is not a confidential form of communication)
  • Bringing it to SHCC office
  • Mailing to: Student Health and Counseling Center – Western Oregon University – 345 Monmouth Ave. N. – Monmouth, OR 97361

Required immunizations:


Proof of COVID immunization is required for students and employees who live, learn, and work on our Monmouth and Salem campuses. Please submit documentation for:

  • Two doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccine OR
  • One dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine OR
  • Appropriate full dose of a WHO approved COVID vaccine for international students

COVID booster immunizations are highly recommended.


The measles vaccine is most commonly given in combination with Mumps and Rubella (MMR). Entering students born after January 1, 1957 must have:

  • Two documented doses of measles* vaccine given ON or AFTER the first birthday (at least 30 days apart) OR
  • Proof of one documented MMR* (after 1990) if born before January 1, 1984 OR
  • Physician documentation of measles disease OR
  • Lab test documenting immunity to measles disease

Proof of Documentation:

“Documentation” means you will send in a photocopy of the immunizations you have received along with the Health History form. Your photocopied records should include your name, date of birth or social security number, the date the vaccine was given, and the clinic stamp or initials of the person who administered the immunization.

You can provide documentation by:

If there is no documentation of your immunizations, you must be re-vaccinated.

Failure to comply with the immunization requirements by the end of your first term at WOU will HOLD your registration for the next term.

How to locate immunization records

You may be able to get immunization records from:

  • Your doctor’s office or medical clinic
  • Your Public Health Department
  • Your personal immunization card (signed by clinic staff)
  • Your high school or previous college immunization records

Do not send original immunization records. You must send the copy in English.

To request your records from another school or physician, you must fill out a release of confidential records form. You may come into our office to fill one out. If you have the fax number of the place you are requesting information from, we can fax it for you.

Exemptions and waivers

MMR Exemption

  • If you were born before January 1, 1957, you are exempt from the immunization requirements. However, you must still fill out the rest of the Health History form.
  • Students may be exempted from the immunization requirements if there is a medical contraindication or if a religious belief prohibits immunizations. You must come to the Student Health Services office at the beginning of the first term you enroll to confirm your exemption. For medical exemptions, a signed statement from your health care provider is required. See Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions for more information.

COVID Exemption

International Students

If you are incomplete in your immunizations, please have your immunizations done at least 30 days before you come to WOU if possible. You are also required to have a tuberculin skin test at WOU Student Health Services upon entrance to the University. This is a requirement whether or not you were screened in your home country or another university. If you have been screened at another U.S. University, please bring your records with you or have them sent to us. Help us process your health form quickly!

Incomplete records may cause delays in your registration process.

Please check your health form and your immunization record to be sure it is complete. Please sign and date your form. It’s helpful to put your name and social security number on all the photocopies of immunization records. Be sure to staple the photocopies of your immunizations to the health form.

The staff at WOU Student Health Services can help you to meet these immunization requirements.

For more information, please call our office at 503-838-8313. We are open Monday through Friday 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm (NOTE: Closed on Fridays during July and August)