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Example Person

‘My personal WOU story had its own unique path. While serving the WOU Foundation, I have also sat in class as a proud non-traditional student at WOU. I directly experienced the truly special and incredible way Western Oregon University values and respects non-traditional students like me. WOU students often balance work, school and, sometimes, even families. Western has mastered the craft of supporting and championing students’ ability to balance all life’s challenges regardless of circumstance.

Emily Swart

Sitting next to WOU students in class inspired me both personally and professionally.

During my undergraduate experience I attended classes with some of the brightest, smartest and most unique students in Oregon. They were first-generation students changing the trajectory of their families; student-athletes balancing teamwork and schoolwork; and, of course, non-traditional students like me juggling families, work and their studies. It was these very students who drove me to want to serve them better and with the same passion they displayed in class. I knew immediately that their stories were important to tell”

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