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Western Oregon University, Diversity Initiative Grants


As part of Western Oregon University’s Diversity Plan, UDC desires to assist in increasing campus-wide awareness of diversity and social justice issues. Progress on the Diversity Action Plan requires both the systematic involvement of all campus units and the regular dissemination of results among stakeholders. It also requires the identification and commitment of funding and resource allocation. In our ongoing process to address diversity and social justice issues, we have identified the goals below as a foundation for our current plan:

Goal 1: Create a climate and culture of leadership, inclusivity, excellence and preparedness for our changing world by providing direction and training for the campus community founded upon and supporting the evolution of WOU’s Diversity Statement.

Goal 2: Recruit and retain a diverse student population
Goal 3: Build a welcoming campus community that supports recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and administration.

Goal 4: Develop and strengthen the University’s relationships with diverse communities


How to apply for a UDC Diversity Initiative Grant Process:


For the 2016-17 academic year, we have the opportunity to offer grants for diversity initiatives. This could include, but is not limited to: funding for new programs or speakers, the purchase of educational modules or professional development tools, etc. Requests for travel funds or conference fees are ineligible for this grant. Note: Grants will generally be made for $500 or less all awarded funds granted must be utilized by June 1, 2017.

Please prepare and submit the following:

  1.  Complete the UDC Diversity Initiative Grant Application  UDC Diversity Initiative Grant Application
  2.  Attach a Letter of Request: Letter should be concise and describe:
    1. The reason you are requesting funds
    2. A list of additional funding resources (if any)
    3. Explain how, if your request is granted, you will be assisting to meet the UDC goals listed above
    4. What will be the impact on Faculty, Staff and/or Students if you are granted your request?
  3.  Submit the Application and the Letter of Request to the MSSP Office (WUC 212).  Review of grant requests will begin January 31, 2017. We will continue to accept requests after this date and continue to fund requests until all grant funds are depleted.

If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact Anna Hernandez-Hunter at

Welcome to Western Oregon University’s Diversity Committee Webpage

This website presents resources and information relevant to a variety of campus stakeholders. Links below provide information about the University Diversity Committee and our efforts for inclusivity and promotion of diversity efforts on campus.

Western Oregon University Diversity Statement

Western Oregon University emphasizes diversity as a matter of institutional priority and an integral component of academic success. As we continue to increase our understanding and commitment to diversity we strive to:

  • create respect for and appreciation of all persons and ideas as a key characteristic of our campus community;
  • increase the diversity of all parts of our University community through commitment to diversity in our recruitment and retention efforts;
  • promote active engagement among all members of our campus and surrounding communities; and
  • foster a campus environment that is inclusive and accessible to students, faculty, staff and administration across the campus community;.

In order to achieve our aspirations at Western Oregon University, we will:

  • sustain a safe and welcoming environment that supports diversity;
  • support full and equitable educational access;
  • increase our efforts to recruit and retain a diverse campus community;
  • prepare effective citizen-leaders for a pluralistic world;
  • confront and resolve institutional barriers to social justice;
  • challenge instances of prejudice, bias and discrimination;
  • enhance current and create new systems of support for the success of the university; and
  • dedicate resources to the diversity initiatives.

Western Oregon University Diversity Resources

WOU is the home to a variety of resources related to diversity and social justice. Click the links below to be taken to a variety of those resources. If you can’t find something that you are looking for, contact co-chairs Gabbi Boyle (, Jaclyn Caires-Hurley (, or Octavious Gillespie-Bennett (

Western Oregon University Diversity Plan

WOU’s University Diversity Committee has been hard at work designing our plan for the future and providing a template for diversity work on campus for the future. Our plan has been vetted by various campus user groups and senatorial bodies. You may find a copy of the final report by clicking


Western Oregon University Departments & Organizations

Multicultural Student Services & Programs Office of Disability Services
Student Enrichment Program (SEP – TRiO Program) WOU Safe Zone
Veteran’s Services Admissions
International Student & Scholar Affairs Student Engagement
Academic Advising & Learning Center Student Health & Counseling Center
Human Resources & Affirmative Action Office WOU Provost’s Office
Campus Public Safety Vice President for Student Affairs
University Housing Student Affairs Committee on Inclusion

Note that MANY of WOU’s offices and department’s support diversity efforts! The above list is not meant to be inclusive of all departments, just some common ones.


WOU Student Resources

ASWOU (Student Government) Multicultural Student Union (MSU) Club
MEChA – Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanos de Aztlan Triangle Alliance (GLBTQQIA and allies)
Hawaiian Club Black Student Union
International Student Organization

These are just some of the student groups on campus – contact ASWOU for a complete listing of student organizations on campus.

Questions, comments or feedback please contact University Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee co-chairs Gabbi Boyle (, Jaclyn Caires-Hurley (, or Octavious Gillespie-Bennett (