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Valsetz Dining Hall one food court on campus that is located right across residence halls on campus. There are many stations that students can choose from. Many students prefer Valsetz because of the wide selection of options on our menu that tailor to different types of diets. Many of our menu items are al la carte and are set up so you can “build your own” meals and can choose  options that fit your preference!

EXCITING NEWS! Valsetz Dining Hall is home to the Valsetz Cafe that proudly serves Starbucks® coffee!

Stop by this Fall and grab your favorite Starbucks® Beverage while you pick up your meal in Valsetz! Coffee is now BACK on campus and conveniently located at your doorstep!

Valsetz Dining Hall Menu items

Update: January, 2021

Due to the Covid 19 Mandate, our food court stations are closed and we have switched to online ordering. All orders are submitted on the Nutrislice App or at and picked up at the cashier station in Valsetz. For more information about how to submit an online order click here!

To see our menu options this week visit here!

Want to know more about the Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan menu options? Click here! 

The Deli

Sensible Meal Station

Wrap Station 

The Grill 

Spotlight Station

 Wok Station 

 Pizza Station

Pasta Station