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What WOU Students Are Doing in Chemistry:

carranEstely Carranza – During the Summer of 2015, Estely successfully applied for and received the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to participate in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Study Abroad Program at WOU. Currently, Estely has been awarded a prestigious Student Internship Position sponsored by the Walmart Foundation for the Willamette Promise College Credit in High School Program. Within this program, Estely is involved in STEM outreach helping to bring college-level chemistry labs into the local area high schools. 



davisIIMarvel Davis – During the Summer of 2015 Marvel was awarded a prestigious NIH Internship for Undergraduate Research at the University of Delaware.  During this internship, Marvel gained valuable experience using highly technical chemistry equipment and software such as Time of Flight – Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) and K-APLHA+ X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometry (XPS) evaluating protein degradation of tempera for use in art conservation.




liengangAndrew Leingang – During the Spring of 2015, Andrew was awarded a prestigious WOU CiP Internship to serve as an Undergraduate Chemistry Teaching Assistant withing the CH100 series course in the Department of Chemistry.  Currently, Andrew will be serving as the Peer Led Teaching and Learning (PLTL) facilitator for the CH100 series.  Within this position, Andrew will teach a one hour recitation section to WOU students enrolled in the CH100 series. Andrew has also been involved in Undergraduate Chemistry Research studying the insecticidal effects of Pseudomonas fluorescens on the development and growth of the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster.



anton lemeza iiAnton Lemeza – During the Spring of 2015, Anton served as a student intern at Kerr Concentrates, Inc in Salem Oregon. During his internship, Anton served as a Quality Control Inspector with the company regularly sampling the products at various stages of production to ensure product quality. QC measures include alcohol content, citric acid content, specific gravity, Brix values and color using UV-Vis Spectrophotometry. Anton graduated from WOU after the spring term of 2015, and was offered a full time position with Kerr Concentrates, Inc. where he continues to serve as a Quality Control Inspector.



zach iiZach Rozinek – During the Spring of 2015, Zach served as an Undergraduate Research Intern with Dr. John Mata at the Western University of Health Sciences in Lebanon, OR.  Within Dr. Mata’s laboratory, Zach gained experience establishing human hematopoetic stem cell lines in tissue culture, and then using these lines to determine gene expression patterns using real time PCR.  Dr. Mata has special interest in determining if age, lifestyle and socioeconomic factors affect telomere length and can be used as a predictive indicator for diseases of aging




richelle ivRichelle McDaniel – During the Spring of 2015, Richelle received a WOU CiP Internship from the Chemistry Department to participate in a job shadowing experience with Isaac Hendler, M.A.C. at Integrative Acupuncture and Natural Therapeutics in Corvallis, OR. During the internship, Richelle learned about alternative medical practices, such as acupuncture, massage therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, that patients use to integrate with Western medicine treatment strategies.




kristin kellyKristin Kelly – During the Winter of 2015, Kristin was awarded a WOU CiP Internship for Undergraduate Teaching in Chemistry. During her internship, Kristin was involved in course improvement and development, as well as to her dedicated teaching in her laboratory section. In addition, Kristin served as our PLTL Leader for the 2014-2015 academic year.






stevenSteven Korecki – During the Winter of 2015 Steven was awarded a WOU CiP Internship for Undergraduate Teaching in Chemistry. In addition to his excellent skills in the classroom, Steven was also involved in curriculum development within the course.  Steven developed a new laboratory section for the CH104 section, and converted several worksheet assignments into interactive, online activities.



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