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American Legion Riders

American Legion Riders chapters are well known for their charitable work, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local children’s hospitals, schools, veteran’s homes, severely wounded servicemembers, and scholarships. Since 2006, Riders nationwide have participated in The American Legion Legacy Run to annually raise money for the Legacy Scholarship Fund, established to provide scholarships to children of U.S. military personnel killed since Sept. 11, 2001. 


To enhance and safeguard the entitlements for all American Veterans who have served honorably and to improve the quality of life for them, their families, and the communities where they live through leadership, advocacy, and services.

American Legion Post 136 Independence Oregon

Local American legion location in Salem Oregon

Post 136 Facebook Page
Phone: 541-292-7608

Center for Women Veterans

The Center for Women Veterans (CWV) mission is to monitor and coordinate VA’s administration of health care, benefits, services, and programs for women Veterans. We serve as an advocate for cultural transformation and to raise awareness of the responsibility to treat women Veterans with dignity and respect to #BringWomenVeteransHome2VA.

Habitat for Humanity Mid-Willamette Valley

People in our community partner with Habitat for Humanity to build and buy a place they can call home. With our help, Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Homeless Veterans Fellowship

Homeless Veterans Fellowship transforms lives by providing an array of essential services to homeless Veterans and their families.  Through various housing programs, VHF significantly contributes to the effort to end Veteran homelessness throughout the communities we serve.  Participants in our programs are assisted with connecting to important and valuable community resources, obtaining and maintaining housing stability, and increasing income and support.  VHF is part of a valuable network of community providers who work together to address the needs of the homeless community.

Vets Helping Vets

The purpose of Vets Helping Vets HQ is to assist United States veterans, their dependents, or family members who are seeking assistance acquiring benefits from the Veterans Administration and to help locate financial, material, educational, and/or physical living assistance that may be available for them at no charge to the veteran or the veteran’s family members. Eligible veterans are those who have been discharged other than dishonorably.

Military OneSource

The Military OneSource Spouse Career Center offers comprehensive spouse education and career opportunities that aim to put you on a solid career path.


Oregon is one of only five states that offers a veteran home loan program. This Oregon benefit is separate and distinct from the federal VA Home Loan Guaranty and has lent approximately $8 billion in low-interest home loans to more than 334,000 veterans since 1945.

Currently, ODVA’s home loan program offers eligible veterans fixed-rate financing for:

  • Owner-occupied, single-family residence
  • Up to the Fannie Mae limit
  • Purchase only (no refinancing is available)
  • Up to four (4) home loan maximum life benefit

Oregon State Trooper

The Oregon State Police (OSP) is a multi-disciplined organization charged with protecting the people, wildlife, and natural resources in Oregon. We enforce the traffic laws on the state’s roadways, investigate and solve crimes, conduct post-mortem examinations and forensic analysis, and provide background checks and law enforcement data. We regulate gaming, the handling of hazardous materials, and fire codes, and educate the public on fire safety and enforce fish, wildlife, and natural resource laws.

Polk County Veteran Services

The Polk County Veterans Service Office assists each Veteran in applying for VA Benefits (compensation, pension, and other entitlements) to which they may be entitled. The Service Officer and staff are advocates for Polk County Veterans and dependent claims. Making a difference in Veterans’ lives is our most important focus.

Returning Veterans Project

We support the healing and health of our veterans and military communities by connecting post-9/11 war zone veterans, service members, and their military families with free, confidential mental and physical health services. Returning Veterans Project (RVP) clients use our online directory to access individualized care from a network of highly qualified volunteer health providers, without any fees or strings attached. Since our founding in 2005, we are removing the barriers to mental and physical health services so that those we serve can have free, confidential access to the care they need.

SOVAH (Serving Our Veterans At Home)

Serving Our Veterans At Home is committed to bridging the gap between Veterans and the benefits they deserve. Our mission is to support Veterans through the benefits process in the comfort of their own communities. We understand that the process can be difficult, and we are here to offer those Veterans the help they need to get the benefits they deserve.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Welcome to the new Traumatic Brain Injury Center of Excellence website. Here, you’ll find TBI clinical tools, educational resources, and research information. Check out our content, and don’t forget to bookmark your favorite pages. We hope you enjoy it!

Our mission remains the same: TBICoE will continue to promote state-of-the-science traumatic brain injury care from point-of-injury to reintegration for service members, veterans, and their families. Our goal is to help the Defense Health Agency provide optimal patient outcomes, leading to a medically ready and ready medical force.


Our Mission: To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military, and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans. 

Our Vision: Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.

Western Oregon University Student Health & Counseling Center

Welcome to the Student Health & Counseling Center at Western Oregon University.

We are proud to provide quality medical care, sexual health services, mental health counseling, health promotion, education & prevention, and referral services. Please consider us your primary holistic provider during your time at Western Oregon University.


The mission of the Western Oregon University Student Health & Counseling Center is to facilitate the health and well-being of Western Oregon University students by providing quality and affordable outpatient medical and mental health care, and health promotion services. Student Health and Counseling Services will pursue its mission while providing care in an affirming, respectful and compassionate environment.



Western Oregon University Student Health and Counseling Services are committed to providing an open, affirming, and inclusive environment for all the students of Western Oregon University. We invite students of every background to use our services with the expectation of receiving respectful and compassionate treatment. Discrimination in the areas of race, gender, sexual/affectional orientation, physical and mental ability, age, socio-economic status, and/or religious/spiritual belief is inconsistent with our mission and will not be reflected in the policies and procedures of Western Oregon University Student Health and Counseling Services

The American Legion

To enhance the well-being of America’s veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by our devotion to mutual helpfulness. The American Legion’s vision statement is “The American Legion: Veterans Strengthening America.” Largest veterans organization in America.

American Legion Post 11 Corvallis Oregon

This local American Legion post is out of Corvallis Oregon and are doing great things in their area. Check them out, they currently have offices available.


Post Commander
Col Jeff Steward
C: 503-983-0995

1st Vice Commander
Lee Ann Julson
C: 541-929-6034


Diversity and the National Guard

The National Guard Bureau Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (NGB-DEI) promote the Chief of the National Guard Bureau’s vision for diversity management and equal opportunity policies and programs. With the National Guard Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan as their guide, NGB-DEI identifies and develops programs to address the barriers preventing soldiers, airmen, and civilians from achieving their full potential. The staff supports National Guard leaders across the 54 States, Territories, and the District of Columbia with creating inclusive cultures, providing program oversight for States’ National Guard military Equal Opportunity and civilian Equal Employment Opportunity programs, and recognizing individuals and organizations whose accomplishments mark excellence in the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Easterseals Oregon

As America’s largest nonprofit healthcare organization, Easterseals is committed to the comprehensive health and wellness of the more than 1.5 million people it serves each year and is prepared to respond to the needs of the one in four Americans living with disability today with outcomes-based services for all disabilities throughout the lifespan.

Hero 2 Hired

A website where veterans and military-connected individuals can research and apply for jobs.

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance

The pamphlet contains premium rates and descriptions of the various plans of insurance issued under the Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance Program. Policies for this insurance are issued with the letters “RH” in front of the policy number. NOTE: RH insurance is nonparticipating, which means that no dividends are paid.

Military Sexual Trauma

VA uses the term “military sexual trauma” (MST) to refer to sexual assault or sexual harassment experienced during military service. MST includes any sexual activity that you are involved with against your will. Examples include:

  • Being pressured or coerced into sexual activities, such as with threats of negative treatment if you refuse to cooperate or with promises of better treatment in exchange for sex
  • Sexual contact or activities without your consent, including when you were asleep or intoxicated
  • Being overpowered or physically forced to have sex
  • Being touched or grabbed in a sexual way that made you uncomfortable, including during “hazing” experiences
  • Comments about your body or sexual activities that you found threatening
  • Unwanted sexual advances that you found threatening

National Guard GI BILL

The GI Bill provides incredible education benefits for eligible Guard Soldiers. If you qualify, you could earn a monthly expense allowance of up to $384—totaling over $13,500 in a four-year period. And if you qualify for the Army National Guard Kicker, you’ll earn even more.

Best of all, this money is sent directly to you (not to your school) to spend on books, supplies—anything you want.

Most of these benefits can be used to pay for a college degree, a trade or apprenticeship program, and much other training or professional licensing programs. And some benefits may be transferable to dependents.

ODVA Houseless Veteran Coordinator

Eddie Maestas, Houseless Veteran Coordinator

C: 971-388-8219 | O: 503-373-2016
700 Summer Street NE. Salem, OR 97301

Portland Oregon VA

The regional VA office is located in Portland Oregon.

Project Veterans

Operation Vets, lead by Tom Daley and Dr. Monica Christianson, join together a collection of organizations like, The Vet Hunters ( and The Warrior’s Art Project ( with the goal of getting help to our veterans. Operation Vets is looking to expand and build momentum in order to bring these valuable events to more cities across the nation.

Starting a Veteran Owned Business

The following website is a great starting point for Veterans thinking of starting their own Enterprise. It has some general recommendations, resources, and general information that can help get ideas flowing in the early stages of your creative process.

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program awards grants to private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives who can provide supportive services to very low-income Veteran families living in or transitioning to permanent housing.

Vet Dogs

The service dog programs of America’s VetDogs were created to provide enhanced mobility and renewed independence to veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with disabilities, allowing them to once again live with pride and self-reliance.  America’s VetDogs specializes in placing highly skilled service and guide dogs to individuals with physical injuries, PTSD, hearing and vision loss, and seizures.

Our mission is to help those who have served our country honorably live with dignity and independence.  All services are provided at no cost — including transportation to and from our campus in Smithtown, New York, instruction, and more.

Veterans Justice Outreach Program

The mission of the Veterans Justice Programs is to identify justice-involved Veterans and contact them through outreach, in order to facilitate access to VA services at the earliest possible point. Veterans Justice Programs accomplish this by building and maintaining partnerships between VA and key elements of the criminal justice system.

Worksource Oregon

WorkSource Oregon is a network of public and private partners who work together to effectively respond to workforce challenges through high-quality services to individuals and businesses, resulting in job attainment, retention, and advancement.