Logan Doerfler

Director, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9246 | doerflerl@wou.edu | WUC – Room 108 | Mon-Thur 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Enneagram: 1w9 | 16 Personalities: The Consul (ESFJ-A)

In the eight years I served with the Oregon Army National Guard, I held various positions from your basic Infantry grunt to a Joint Fires Observer (JFO) squad leader supporting Infantry, Artillery, and Cavalry Scouts. I served one tour in Afghanistan from 2014-2015 in support of OEF & OFS. After that tour while in the Guard, I attended ITT Technical Institute in Portland. They were shut down in 2016 and I transitioned to Western to finish my degree in 2019. Like many Veterans, my academic journey was not linear, I am dedicated to making the transition to, success at, and graduation from WOU as welcoming and manageable as possible. If you are military affiliated in any way I would love to meet you and help you engage with our awesome community, please stop by the VRC located in the bottom floor of the WUC! 

Why should you contact Logan?

  • You experienced discrimination due to your service or drilling status, want to talk through a challenging situation, or need advocacy here at WOU
  • You’re not sure who/where to connect with on campus, I’ll help you sort it out
  • You would like to collaborate with the Veterans Resource Center for an event or program
  • You’re ready to connect with our military community here on campus
  • Note: All questions for VA benefits should be directed to David Anderson the Veterans Certifying Official veterans@wou.edu or at 503-838-8806
David Anderson

David Anderson

Veterans Certifying Official, Office of the Registrar

503-838-8806 | veterans@wou.edu | Admin 108 | Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Hello, My Name, is Arthur David Anderson but everyone just calls me David. I joined the Marine Corps in 1991 at the age of 19 but suffered a back injury shortly thereafter. I had intended to follow in my grandfather’s example and retire from the military, he spent 26 years active-duty Army.  After some recovery and soul searching, I married my Wife of 25 years. Eventually, I found my way and earned a couple of degrees before settling down here at Western. It seemed like a good place to help those that want to make themselves better, or more educated at any rate. I have been working here for nine years now either as the Graduation Coordinator or Veterans Certifying Official and Compliance Coordinator.

Why should you contact David?

  • All questions regarding VA benefits
  • Questions regarding disbursement of VA payments, degree plans, etc
  • You need help filling out an academic petition for a Deployment or Unexpected Withdrawal

William Brant Morgan

P.A.V.E. Team Leader, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9229wouveterans@wou.edu | WUC – Room 108

Enneagram: 1w6

Hey there, my name is Brant Morgan. I am originally from Mississippi but moved to Washington with my parents in 2019. I am excited to work in the Veteran Resource Center because I want to help our Veteran community. This is my second year at WOU, I’m majoring in Information Systems with a cybersecurity focus. I am three years into a six-year contract with the Oregon Air National Guard. In 2021 I was activated for the All 4 Oregon vaccination site and the mass activation for Portland hospitals. Look forward to meeting others who come in to the VRC for resources.

Why should you contact Brant?

  • You would like to connect with a peer here on campus.
  • You would like to get involved with SVA.
  • You would like to volunteer as a P.A.V.E. peer mentor or other leadership role.


Tanner Watson

Work Study, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9229wouveterans@wou.edu | WUC – Room 108

Enneagram: 1w2 | 16 Personalities: “The Virtuoso” (ISTP,-A/-T)

Hello! My name is Tanner. I want to help veterans and their families succeed by connecting them with the right resources. I served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps as a CBRN defense specialist from 2013 – 2017 and I am currently serving in the Army Reserves since May of 2020. I transferred to WOU from Clackamas Community College with an AAOT in 2020 and I major in business with a concentration in accounting. I am certified as a Financial Coach through Ramsey Solutions.


    Dio Watson

    Work Study, Veterans Resource Center

    503-838-9229wouveterans@wou.edu | WUC – Room 108

    Enneagram: 3w2 | 16 Personalities: “The Advocate” (INFJ,-A)

    Hey there, I’m Dio! I’m a second year student double majoring in Biology and Public Health. I’m excited to help other veterans find the resources they need to succeed, and I will endeavor to help however I can. I spent 6 years active duty in the navy. I initially trained as a Nuclear Electronics Technician, then cross rated to Operations Specialist. Ask me for sea stories!

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