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Photo of Colin HainesColin G. Haines

Director, Veteran Resource Center

503-838-9246 | | WUC – Room 108 | 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m.

I am the Director of the Veteran Resource Center here at WOU. I served ten years in the United States Army as an Combat Medic in several Infantry Battalions. I was stationed primarily in Fort Bragg, NC and Fort Lewis, WA where I served in every position from line medic to platoon sergeant. I deployed five times during my stint in the service, three times to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan.

I reignited my college career in 2014, almost immediately after separating from the Army. As was the case with many of my peers, college was not always easy for me largely due to some of the unique issues faced by many student veterans. I have since dedicated myself to the initiation and development of veteran supportive services in higher education. I completed my Masters in Info Tech here at Western in 2019.

Jake Reading
Jake Sutherby
Work Study, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9229 | | WUC – Room 108

Father of 1 boy named Calvin. USMC 2011-2015. 1 deployment to Asia. I have had around a 3.0 GPA my entire college career. My major is Interdiciplinary Studies my focus is Health and Exercise Science. I have attended two SVA NATCON’s and I have been part of Western Oregon’s SVA club since 2016. I was recently accepted into the MAT program for health education starting this summer.

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Adam Dreyden
Work Study, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9229 | | WUC – Room 108 

I am an Exercise Science major with a minor in Health, and I have been attending WOU since 2016. I am a Non Commissioned Officer in the Oregon Army National Guard as a 19D Cavalry Scout.

As a currently serving student, I am always utilizing the plethora of resources the VRC has to offer. I am a member of the WOU’s chapter of the Student Veterans of America.  I am also truly thankful for being able to be working at the VRC, helping out veterans when I can.

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Megan McAllister
Work Study, Veterans Resource Center

503-838-9229 | | WUC – Room 108 

I am a Business major with a focus in Accounting, I have been attending WOU since fall term of 2018 with an expected graduation in 2019. I am currently in my first six year enlistment with the Oregon Air National Guard as a Fuels Management Journeyman.

As a military student I have become actively involved in Student Veterans of America where I work as the club treasurer. I am also involved in the Greek life here at Western Oregon University and am a work-study student in the Veteran Resource Center.

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Service Dog, Veterans Resource Center

My name is Kender and I have the unique ability to cheer you up if you are ever feeling blue.  I love to be fondled but make sure you ask Colin before engaging me in pets because I am a working dog and should not be distracted if he needs me.  Never ever give me any food. I may look like I want a bite of your sandwich but do not give me anything under any circumstances.

I have never served in the military myself but I have I great deal of respect for those who put their lives on the line to protect the freedoms I enjoy every day.


Staff Members In Uniform

Colin in his BDU uniform
Colin Haines, Army

Jake in uniform
Jake Sutherby USMC

Adam out in the field
Adam Dreyden, ORARNG

Megan McAllister, ORANG