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Call for Submissions

Student research and scholarship are highly valued at Western Oregon University (WOU), and each spring the university holds the Academic Excellence Showcase (AES) to highlight and recognize student achievements and accomplishments. The WOU 2021 Academic Excellence Showcase (AES) will be held virtually on Digital Commons (DC) beginning May 27, Thursday through June 10, Thursday, 2021. Submissions will stay open from April 15 to May 15.

There are three types of submission:

(1) Pre-recorded presentations

(2) Posters

(3) Zoom live presentations 

Submission window: April 15-May 15 (May 15 is the last day for submission)


  1. Pre-recorded presentations
  2. Posters
  3. Zoom live presentations

Presentation availability: Pre-recorded presentations and posters will be open to the campus community through Digital Commons on May 27, 2021 until June 10, 2021. After that, presentations will be open to the public (with the exception of those that involve human subjects but without IRB documentation). Zoom live presentations will be hosted separately through individual Zoom meetings created by faculty mentors on selected dates and time (see below for details).


Benefits of different formats:

  1. Pre-recorded presentations: prepare all presentation materials such as slides and videos ahead of time and upload them to DC; presentations can be stored in DC permanently;
  2. Posters: posters are prepared ahead of time and stored in DC permanently;
  3. Zoom live presentations: have more time to work on presentations; interactions between audience and presenters;


What to submit

  1. Pre-recorded presentations: Title, presenter names, a short (100-150 words)  description or abstract approved by faculty mentor, Pre-recorded video (MP4 format) with captions. Optionally, a slideshow/presentation file(in PDF format).
  2. Posters: Title, presenter names, a short (100-150 words) description or abstract approved by faculty mentor, poster (in PDF file).
  3. Zoom live presentations:  Who may consider the option: (1).The option of Zoom presentations provides flexibility for students whose work may not be ready by May 15, and would like to present at AES. Faculty mentors (but not students) can submit requests for Zoom presentations on behalf of a few or a group of students to present at AES. If you are a student, do not submit to Digital Commons for a Zoom presentation. In this case, your faculty mentor will handle the submission process, host the Zoom presentation, and moderate the group presentation. (2). Faculty, staff and/or administrators who are interested in giving talks are encouraged to choose the option as well.
  4. Mentors should submit: (1). Select presentation date and time: May 27-28, Jun 3-4, Jun 10. (Between 9:00 am-3:00 pm, choose a starting time) (2). Create and submit a Zoom link for the group (without password) and submit a 100-150 word description or abstract for the group by May 15 (3). Present at your selected date and time


    Instructions and tips for submission

    Everything you need to know about AES, watch PURE’s Winter CURE event

    How to caption your video?

    Instructional guide

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    For Questions, contact; Stewart Baker (503-838-8890).
    Sue Kunda (503-838-8893).


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