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The Academic Excellence Showcase is a fantastic way for undergraduate and graduate students alike to share their areas of interest with other students, WOU employees and the community. Plus, participants learn a ton of “soft skills” that will translate well to their career. Still, students may have a lot of questions about AES and whether participation is for them. We’ve gathered this list of frequently asked questions to help.


What is happening with Academic Excellence Showcase in 2022?

After two years away, AES is returning in-person this May, in its traditional format.


What is the Academic Excellence Showcase?

The AES is an interdisciplinary celebration of student academic excellence. It is an opportunity for Western Oregon students to present their best academic work in a variety of formats, ranging from formal research projects to fine arts performances.


When does it take place?

The Academic Excellence Showcase takes place all day Thursday in week nine of Spring term. Many faculty members choose to cancel their classes on this day to allow their students to participate in and attend the showcase.


Who can participate?

WOU students of all disciplines can participate. Most presentations will be based on upper-division or advanced level work, but any student who has work they’d like to present can approach a session chair in a related field about participating.


How long should my Abstract be?

Abstracts should be 1,200 characters or fewer. An abstract summarizes, in one paragraph, the major aspects of your poster, presentation, or poster. Abstracts are often organized this way: 1) your project’s purpose or topic for investigation; 2) project or research design; 3) what you found or discovered; and, 4) a brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions. However, different majors and fields treat abstracts differently so be sure you discuss your abstract with your mentor so you do what’s best for your field. If your work is a work of art or performance, you may wish to describe the work instead (e.g., a description of a dance performance piece or a piece of music).

All presenters’ abstracts from AES 2022 are published in a file that is permalinked and hosted at WOU’s Digital Commons. A link to the digital abstracts will be printed in the AES program.


When is the Abstract Submission Deadline?

May 1st, 2022 



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