Science Center Tutoring Services

  •  NEW this year, we are offering appointment-based tutoring services via WCS
  •  Zoom tutoring is available, with some tutors also available in person!
  •  Usually, daytime (8am to 5pm) and late-night tutoring (5-10pm) tutoring is   available Monday through Friday and on Sundays, so even when your classes   are done for the day, tutoring is open!
  •  Helpful tutors can support your success in science classes, including study   strategies and instructor expectations

  •  Our tutors are:

    • Experienced

    • Knowledgeable

    • Dedicated to helping you!

 How to Make an Appointment

 1.) Login to your WOU Portal, then click the blue “WCS” button towards     the top of the home screen

 2.) Click “Get Support” and then “Tutoring” as the service you want                                                                                                                           3.) Select the class you would like to receive support for, then pick out a   tutor, available time, and hit “Schedule” to confirm the appointment                                                                                                                         

 Note: if no tutor is available for your desired course, you can request   that one be hired via the WCS system. Those requests are routed to the email.


The Science Center is a member of the WOU
Free Tutoring Consortium

See for links to the WOU free tutoring sites:

  • Computer Science Tutoring
  • English Tutoring Center (English as a Second Language)
  • Math Center
  • Science Center
  • Student Success and Advising
  • Writing Center
  • Psychology Peer Advising Center

Fall 2022

The Science Center is now a part of the Student Success & Advising Peer Tutoring Center! We are open Weeks 2-10 during the Fall, Winter, and Spring terms (no summer tutoring) each academic year.

Please contact Keegan Gormally at if you have questions.