Department of Earth and Physical Science



Department of Earth Science and Physical Science

Earth Science students learn about geoscience with an emphasis on the scientific method, problem solving, and interdisciplinary science education. Our graduates are prepared for careers in geoscience, education, environmental management and natural hazards mitigation. They are also ready to make wise decisions on important issues related natural resources, environmental quality and sustainability in Oregon and beyond.

WOU Earth Science Students:

• Learn about the physical, chemical, and biological processes operating in the Earth System.
• Apply technology-based methods to solve geologic problems and communicate results.
• Conduct scientific investigations in laboratory and field settings.

Within the major, students explore the following areas:

• Earth System Science
• Environmental Geology and Surface Processes
• Geospatial Technology
• Sedimentology and Paleobiology
• Tectonics, Volcanology and Petrology

Students in Action

WOU is distinctive in that it offers the only multidisciplinary Earth Science degree in the Oregon University System!

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A key strength of the program is the close alliance with faculty in chemistry, physics, biology, and education. NSM is organized in such a way that budgets, labs, and classroom resources are shared across a range of science disciplines. Faculty from different disciplines work closely together on a daily basis and cultivate a multidisciplinary, collegial atmosphere that is truly unique compared to other institutions. The cross-disciplinary alliance in NSM provides a superb opportunity for faculty and students with diverse interests to interact in a rich and stimulating academic environment.


Department of Earth and Physical Science

Department Chair: Jeff Templeton

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