WOUmail tutorial

For emails designed to reach a campus-wide audience, WOU employees use the Internal Communications Hub, or WOUmail. Employees choose the topics they’d like to subscribe to and also determine where they will see emails – their inbox or the Portal. Employees receive emails automatically from a limited number of accounts, such as the president’s office, human resources and messages about emergencies and IT updates.

You can access the WOU Internal Communication Hub from your Portal. There, you can also set your preferences on what you will receive and where. It’s your choice whether you opt out of any category that does not pertain to you or subscribe to them all.

When you send a campus-wide message to faculty and staff (and retirees, too) you will be required to choose a category each time. Selecting a category is important, as it will be the setting that allows your colleagues (recipients) to customize what they receive. Please be thoughtful when selecting a category.

As with all technology systems, WOUmail is subject to the Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources policy.

 Watch a short video tutorial.

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