Options for Sending Mail Fast

WOU Mail Services facilitates daily delivery and pick up services from couriers that offer express services. Below is an overview of the services each offers as well as my opinion of how this service is best utilized. Supplies such as envelopes, forms and labels are available upon request.

20130516_PME Limited next-day availability, but the only courier that will send things quickly to PO Box addresses. Most of the time, delivery is guaranteed in 2-3 business days. I recommend this service when sending documents, checks, or products that have little monetary value. I would not recommend this service for shipping items of intrinsic value.
Additional services available, see USPS Priority Mail Express for more information.

ups-logoNext day delivery is available to most continental locations, with a weight limit of 150lbs (anything heavier needs to go “freight”). There are also 2nd and 3rd day air options with optional Saturday delivery, and insurance is available up to $50,000 per package.

I recommend using UPS Air services for larger, heavier and sturdier shipments such as equipment, books and other low-value items. I have found their speed to be no different than FedEx, but I have found that their residential surcharge is less than FedEx’s because they tend to have more centers near rural areas. More information can be found on the UPS Express Shipping Services Page.

fedex-logoOvernight shipping is available to most US locations (including parts of Hawaii and Alaska) and most continental US locations have multiple forms of next day shipment, including Saturday delivery. There are also 2 day and Express Saver (usually 3 day) options, and insurance is available up to $50,000.

I recommend using FedEx for items of high value and shipments that that need to go somewhere far away very quickly. I have found them to excel at deliveries within large, urban areas with multiple companies contained within one building. More information is available on the FedEx Express Services page.

*Please take note: People often bring me a letter and tell me that they want to “FedEx it through the post office”. While most of the time I am able to clarify, it should be said that FedEx is a proper noun; the indication that you would like it shipped through the company that has the name “FedEx”. This does not mean that I will realize that you want your mail overnighted simply by invoking this name. Be sure to specify how fast you want something to go, as well as which courier you prefer when mailing.*