Along with outside mail, Mail Services also delivers inter-departmental mail and fliers, which account for about 1/3 of our mail.

On Campus mailing services we provide include:

  • Stockpiling recycled interdepartmental envelopes and rubber bands of various sizes for campus re-use- See what we have here!
  • IMG_2785Master Distribution list – I keep a (fairly) updated list of all faculty and staff on campus and their corresponding on-campus mailing address. This list is available to all faculty, staff and recognized student groups for official campus use upon request.
  • On-campus list updating – I can also assist with larger campus mailings by informing groups of the correct campus mailing address to send individual’s mail

By using the following guidelines for inter-departmental mail, you will help Mail Services staff accurately and quickly deliver your campus mail.

Campus Mail Do’s

Campus Mail Don’ts

Do… use first and last names

Don’t… use just a title and last name 

Do… use department names

Don’t… use room or building numbers

Do… use “to” and “from”

Don’t… send valuables through our mail

Do… cross out all old names

Don’t… use obscure acronyms, spell it out!


Please Note: WOU mail delivery and addressing services are available only to WOU departments, committees, registered employee groups, registered or recognized student groups, and employees conducting university business. These services are not available to non-university organizations or people. Nor are they available to university organizations, employees, or students in connection with their conduct of non-university business, personal activities, or political activities. Use of campus mail or delivery service may not violate any federal or state laws.