Whether you’re a loved one sending a care package, or you’re ordering something from Amazon to send to yourself, it’s very important to format and program in the correct address to avoid potential delivery delays. Below shows how to format a residence halls address correctly. Does it guarantee that your package will never be delayed? Of course not, we live in a land of many uncertainties. This will, however, ensure that the shipment arrives in as timely a manner as possible.

            Upon being accepted to and assigned a room in the Residence Halls, your student will also be assigned a four digit RSC (Residential Service Center) Mailbox number. This mailbox number needs to be used on every piece of mail that is sent to your student. The address format that should be used for your student in the Residence Halls is –

Western Oregon University
347 Monmouth Ave N, RSC Box #XXXX
Monmouth, OR 97361


Troubleshooting tips and hints for the best service possible!


Sending money, identification or gift cards to your student on campus? Why not send it with tracking?

All mail that is sent through UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS with tracking is logged into an internal system that is used to notify your student of the arrival of their package or letter. This not only gives the sender a time and date of arrival, but also gives the recipient more tools in tracking any valuables that they know are on the way! It is strongly recommended that all items of value be insured or tracked when being sent through the mail. University Mail Services has no way to track mail being sent without tracking numbers.

“I entered the address that you gave me, but it’s coming up with an error message- what do I do?”

Sometimes, vendors’ websites can focus on the “Box” section of the RSC Box # part of the address and flag it as invalid. This is usually when the vendor mistakes the RSC Box for a PO Box (or Post Office Box), and the vendor has opted not to ship to PO Boxes. The easiest way that I’ve found around this error message is to simply remove the word “Box” from the address. As long as the address contains your student’s full name, the proper street number (347) and the number of their box, it will reach them.

“I’ve been living in the Residence Halls for a while, but still haven’t received any mail- where is it?”

Sometimes it is assumed that students’ mail will be delivered directly to their Residence Hall, or even their room. For your (or your students’) safety and security, access to the inside of Residence Life buildings are limited to authorized personnel, so couriers such as USPS, UPS and FedEx cannot deliver packages directly to the halls/rooms. Parcels addressed to the students living in the Residence Halls will be delivered to a central location and then will be available pick up when the RSC is open.