Picking up USPS mail 

Students leave Mail Services to pick up all incoming mail at the Monmouth Post Office at 8:00am. Just a note here:

  • The US Post Office has not delivered to or picked up mail at WOU since late 2008. Staff downsizing lead to reorganization at the branch, and the Monmouth Post Office (MPO) staff has been kind enough to accommodate a daily hold on our mail so that Mail Services may drive to pick it up every morning, and drop it off every afternoon.
  • We pick up both 345 (University) and 347 (Residential) mail. Sorting of all the incoming mail takes place each morning and continues until the mail is completely received from all couriers and delivered. More information regarding our campus delivery schedule can be found here on my Daily Delivery Schedule page, and more information regarding the residential mail can be accessed on my residential mail page.
  • Sometimes we get a lot of mail, and sometimes we don’t get very much at all. Rather than go into written detail on why this can take so long, go visit our Instagram page linked below. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that.

    The rest of the incoming mail 

    Much of the rest of the mail is received between 9:00am and 2:00pm, and delivery time depends on multiple factors including, but not limited to…

    • Courier– UPS tends to come earlier than FedEx, and there are some days where we don’t even see FedEx Express or DHL
    • Volume– If one of the couriers has a truckload of packages, if they are unable to access our deliveries, they will complete their other stops so they can access our parcels safely and quicker. Also, it takes them longer to load up and unload if they have more packages.
    • Weather/traffic/acts of God– Sometimes we just can’t account for everything. Oregonians are just not accustomed to driving in the ice and snow, and our roads are not really built for it. In previous years we’ve had trucks get stuck or break down due to chance, and if this happens your delivery will most likely be delayed. I say all this to show that it’s nearly impossible for us to give a pinpoint accurate delivery time for any of the couriers. I’ll do my best, but I only have so much control. If I had to hazard a guess though:
      • UPS will be here between 9:00am and 11:00am
      • FedEx Ground will be here between 9:00am and 2:00pm
      • FedEx Express is generally here before 12:00 noon, sometimes right on the dot
      • DHL will usually deliver after 1:00pm if they have any deliveries
      • Cal-Trac/On-Trac could come at any time of the day