Transferring Credits
In order to transfer credits from a different University to Western Oregon University, you will need to follow the procedure below.


General Information
When you apply to Western Oregon University, the application requires you to write the names and dates of attendance at all previous schools or institutions. Applicants are also required to submit official transcripts from each institution. Failure to disclose all schools, colleges, universities, and institutions of higher education you have attended may result in the denial of admission to the University or other serious consequences.
All previous grades will be calculated into your WOU Grade Point Average (GPA) during the admission process. The admission letter will state the number of general free elective credits which may transfer to WOU.
Transfer credits may take up to two or more weeks to be posted on the student’s WolfWeb account.


To Transfer Credits from a U.S. Institution:


Credits from U.S. institutions will automatically be transferred to WOU. For questions regarding how the credits will transfer please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.
To see what credits will transfer to Western Oregon University from a different U.S. Institution as, please see the following link about Transferred Course Equivalents and Transfer Articulations.


To Transfer Credits from a Foreign Institution:
Original transcripts from the foreign institution are required but certified copies are also acceptable. Copies must be certified as official either by the institution or an official of the United States Embassy. Certified copies of exact English translations of these records are also required. The transcripts must include credit hours earned for each course.
The courses from your foreign institution will be transferred as general free electives which will not apply to any LACC, major or minor courses. Before a more thorough articulation can be performed and the credits can be applied towards your major/minor, you must submit official course descriptions from each university. The course descriptions must be in English must come directly from the university in a sealed envelope with the university stamp or seal. The International Students and Scholars Affairs will then be able to do a more thorough articulation of the transfer credits and give the student their personal “Articulation of Transfer Credits” sheet. Once this is done, the International Students and Scholars Affairs Office will provide you with a packet which includes a copy of the “Articulation of Transfer Credits”, course descriptions, and a copy of your transcripts. You will then need to meet with each department to get signatures for the “Course Substitution/Program Change/Waiver Form” and submit it to the Registrar’s office.
Other Notes:
Each time you meet with you academic advisor, make sure you bring the “Articulation of Transfer Credits” sheet, and a copy of your transcript(s).
WOU does not transfer in English as a Second Language classes or classes with less than a 100 level designation.
If a class has been repeated, WOU will only accept credit from the most recent class taken.
It is the determination of your WOU academic advisor to apply your free elective transfer courses to your major or minor.



International Office

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