Immigration Registration

This form is to be completed by all international students every term they are a full time student at WOU. The purpose of this form is to keep student records updated and make sure students remember important immigration regulations.
  • Personal Information

  • WOU Student ID Number
  • Your birthday (month, day, year ex:12/01/2015)
  • VISA STATUS: Select the US visa you currently have.
  • LEVEL OF STUDY: Select the program/degree you are currently pursuing.
  • Contact Information

    The section below asks for your current contact information. Even if you have not moved or changed anything lately, it still needs to be entered.
  • Local US Address (Where you are living now in Oregon.)
  • Local US Phone Number
  • Personal Email Address
  • Immigration Regulations

    Check each statement to confirm the you have read and understand the following immigration regulations.
  • International students must register for at least 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits each term to be a full time student. Of that no more than 3 online credits may counted towards full time enrollment each term. I understand that any student registered for less than full-time enrollment, and without an authorized reduced course load, will be out of status.
  • International students are required to update OIED within 10 days of changing their address or local US phone number or they will fall out of status.
  • International students may NOT have off-campus employment without first discussing options with an international student advisor.
  • All undergraduate students at WOU must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher to stay in good academic standing. Graduate students should contact their department for minimum standards. I understand that failure to maintain at 2.0 GPA will result in academic warning, probation, and suspension if below 2.0 3 terms in a row.
  • International students must notify OIED and complete appropriate paperwork when they leave WOU for any reason (travel, transfer, graduate, withdrawal, etc).
  • By writing my name in the box below, I confirm that I have read and understand all the information above as required by US immigration regulations. Failure to follow the statements listed above may result in the termination of my SEVIS record.