Create and transmit knowledge concerning the German language, literature and culture in a climate that promotes ease of communication and mutual understanding.


Learning Outcomes


  • Speak, aurally comprehend, write and read German at a level suitable for graduate education or careers in business, government, social services or tourism.
  • Explain and apply German cultural and historical perspectives to events and ideas in a globalized society.
  • Analyze and critique original texts and cultural artifacts from German sources.




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German Studies major (51-57 credits)


  • Required courses
  • Choose five
  • Choose two
  • Choose two

GL 201, 202, 203 Second Year German (12)

GL 301, 302, 303 Third Year German (12)

Choose five: (15-16)  At least two at 300 level and at least two at 400 level.

    At least two from 300 level:

GL 310 German Film and Conversation (3)

GL 320 Business German (3)

GL 331 German Pronunciation and Phonetics (3)

GL 340 Culture and Civilization I: to 1800 (3)

GL 341 Culture and Civilization II: to 1945 (3)

GL 399 Special Studies (3)

At least two from 400 level:

GL 401, 402 Fourth Year German (3 each)

GL 423/523 Studies in German Language and Literature (3)

Choose two: (minimum 6 credits) Instruction in English, readings and compositions in German

GL 342/ HUM 325 Studies in German Culture and Literature to 1900 (3)

GL 343/ HUM 343 Studies in German Culture and Literature to 1945 (3)

GL 344/ HUM 344 Studies in German Culture and Literature to 1990s (3)

GL 450 Topics in German Civilization & Culture (3)

Choose two: (minimum 6 credits)

300 or 400 level courses with German focus.

Students usually select from this group, taught every other year.

HST 422/522 Germany: The 19th Century (4)

HST 423/523 Germany 1914 to 1945 (4)

HST 424/524 Postwar German History (4)

Study Abroad, an internship or a capstone project in a German-speaking country is required.  If the student is unable to study or intern abroad, the advisor will help design a capstone project that meets the objectives of study abroad.  Students finish this component after Second or Third Year German.  The Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik offers courses in an immersion setting.

Students who begin courses beyond 201 must identify substitute credits with their advisor.

  • German Teacher Education major

This major requires students to study abroad. Please see an advisor for this degree about appropriate classes.

53 hours beyond first year language

GL 201, 202, 203 Second Year German (12)

GL 301, 302, 303 Third Year German (12)

GL 331 Pronunciation and Phonetics (3)

GL 340, 341 Culture and Civilization (6)

GL 416 Language Teaching Practicum (2)

Choose two: (minimum 6 credits)

400-level courses with German focus.  Limited courses are offered each quarter; select in consultation with advisor.

Choose Four upper-division German courses. (minimum 12 credits)




German Program

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