The WOU Phonathon is a critical component of the WOU Foundation. Located in the Cottage, the Phonathon generates support for the Fund for WOU and is staffed by WOU’s best and brightest students. Throughout the year, Western Oregon University students call dedicated alumni, parents, and friends of the university to not only raise money for the Fund for WOU, but to let them know about upcoming events and special opportunities. This gives current students a chance to connect with the contributors and supporters who have made a difference in their college experiences. Our student callers are proud ambassadors for the university and enjoy sharing the news from campus with alumni, receiving feedback on university initiatives and encouragement in their personal education and career goals.

Every gift generated by the WOU Phonathon goes to supporting student centered learning experiences. Contributions generated through the WOU Phonathon fund the greatest needs of the university.

To everyone who takes our call and supports Western Oregon University students, we’d like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are making a vital difference to our students, faculty and staff and the greater Western Oregon University community.

For questions regarding the Student Philanthropy center please call Annual Fund Officer Morgan Harris at 503-838-8814.